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Dark Circles and Sunken Eyes

Hi Everybody,

I thought I would see if anyone knows why I have terrible dark circles and sunken eyes?

I had an Asthma attack last Tuesday (ambulance, nebuliser etc. etc) and when I met up with my parents on Saturday my Dad very tellingly said he knew I had had bad asthma because of the dark circles around my eyes.

What is it about Asthma that causes this symptom and is there anything I can do about it (apart from buying up Boot's total stock of Touche Eclat!!).



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my son always has dark circles and sunken eyes when his asthma is bad, unfortunatly think it is just one of the symptoms, he always gets patches of eczema on his cheeks when his asthma is gonna be bad as well. the only good thing about it is, it gives us warning when he is due to be bad.

A sign for you to look out for as well.

Not good for your appearance mind, but have you tried collection 2000 illuminating concealer costs a fiver works for me. Sorry if this not much help but thought I would tell you anyway. Hope you feel better soon.


Me too. I had bad attack almost two weeks ago. Went out Saturday and people were coming up to ask if i was ok as i looked very "" Gaunt"" and tired... I thought i had done a great job of hiding them... Obviously not..

I feel i haven't got bags under my eyes.... instead i have container lorries....

I think .. No sleep for almost four nights hasn't done anything to help with this...



I thought I had too, but apparently they've always been able to tell. Maybe it's because all the struggling keeps us up at night?

I've tried everything and concealer is the best, but I find that cucumber circles also make you feel a bit more awake as do cold tea bags on the eyes, but that isn't really a possibility at work!!


Dark circles is one of my telltale signs. I was only diagnosed 18 months ago but it's become clear that I've had it for years. I remember as a child the teachers telling my mum I needed to get more sleep as I had dark circles.

However, now I know it's a sign that asthma's gonna flare up. Just had an A&E episode last Fri and I looked like a panda. But now I'm getting control and my airways are open my undereyes look fine. Could it be that the colour is showing that the body is needing oxygen? I don't know the answer.

Tracey x


wow, so glad i found this! My little girl is 17 months old and she gets purple bags under her eyes prior to a flare up. We've taken pictures and showed her consultant. He said it looked viral and he had no idea why she got them other than the fact her Asthma may get bad if she gets a cold!

I still directly link her eyes to her Asthma and use it to up her meds. This seems to help alot.

If anyone has any knowledge on a link, id be really really interested.


allergic shiners?

I've heard some doctors talk about ""allergic shiners"", e.g. Dr Adrian Morris here here -

""...What are those telltale signs that alert the doctor to probable allergy as the patient walks in the surgery door?

Allergic “shiners” are often a give-away – these are darkened areas of skin around the eye sockets, which are a result of increased venous congestion in the sinuses. They often resemble “Black Eyes” or look like “Mascara” around the eyes ...""

Copyright Dr Adrian Morris

February 2007


I'm really glad for these comments as I've been wondering for the past 2 years where my dark circles were coming from. Using a concealer every morning(or I'd look like a ghost) lol

thinking back now it might have a connection with my worsening allergies and asthma symptoms...

Love Lydia x


Wow I never thought about it until reading this post and both me and my Ryan have dark circles and bags under our eyes. Concelor doesn't work for me as mine are so dark I hate them. I can only fade them with concelor but then I have had 8 years of sleep deprobation due to my kids being so close together and as soon as I got Ryan sleeping through the night along came my little princess who is know almost 5 and half years old and still doesn't know how to sleep throguh the night and then there is my yougest little prince he is almost 3 and has only just worked out how to sleep through the night but it only happens when he si well which at present is not the case. I know have all 3 waking in the night again but lucky for me hubbie loves taking care of the kids so if he nkows I have had a horrid night with the children he will leave me to sleep in the morning. But then my circles got even darker the other week dueing my bad period with the asthma nd Ryan's circles are getting worse with his asthma being so up and down at the moment as well


I have been using dermalmd under eye treatment serum about 3 weeks now. I noticed a reduction in the circles under my eyes instantly when I used it. It seems to wear off throughout the day, so you have to apply day and night. Like I said, I've only been using 3 maybe eventually the results will stick.


i also have an asthma since 4 years old and it heal when i was 7 years old but my eye bags is still dark and deep.... is there a permanent eye bags or a cure for this thing.... i have been depressed because of this thing (*sorry for my grammar*)


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