Asthma, colds and laryngitis

Hi Folks,

I was just wondering if other asthmatics have experience of getting a cold, then after the cold has progressed ending up with laryngitis. I haven't been formally diagnosed with the laryngitis but the symptoms fit, sharp pain in my voice box on talking, croakiness, weird tickly sensation and dry cough and unable to shift a bit of mucous at the back. It has been going on now 6 weeks after the cold started (rest of it duly disappeared 5 weeks ago) but I've been left with this irritating problem that when I go to speak sometimes nothing comes out and a sharp pain shoots through my larynx/throat. I have booked an appt to see the doctor as I think its probably something that needs investigating even if its just to check everything is ok. Highly irrating when I answer the phone at work though and the poor person at the other end gets 5-6 seconds of a strangled noise before I can form words.

I guess what I'm just asking is has anyone else experienced this? Got 8 days until I can get to see my GP and I just wondered if this is a common asthma related type thing or not.

Cheers, Chiara

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  • My last cold produced laryngitis. Told not to try speaking. Not even a whisper as apparently damages the vocal chords. Also not to force myself back to speaking too quickly. Or would return.

    Of course I did not heed this advice and since then, every hint of a cold has had me croaking again. My friend on tablets after breast cancer op two years ago, finds she too gets laryngitis at the drop of a hat compared with before op.

    We're putting it down to faulty immune system.

  • Thank heavens I'm not going mad! Sorry to hear about your experience GrannyMo :-( but you have made me feel certainly less worried than I was. I think what concerned me most was the length of time it has being going on and you know you kind of start thinking the worst, especially since i had an aunt who died of throat cancer. So even though the rational part of my brain was going ""its a residual laryngeal infection"" the other part was going panic panic panic! Guess its just a case of wait and see what the doctor says. Dreading if I have to go on antibiotics though as they make feel terrible for the first 2-3 days.

    Thankyou so much for replying xxx you have helped put my mind at ease xxx

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