Uncontrolled asthma

Hi everyone, hope your all ok, just wondering if anyone here has

a) non allergic asthma and or

b) difficult to control asthma (not brittle)

If you do I would love to hear from you cause It would be really great to talk to you, I have had asthma since I was 16 but I didn't have my first major attack until I was 21 and since then my asthma has been really hard to control despite taking high dose steroid inhalers. I am also the only person I know with asthma this bad.

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  • lejaya,

    In the last year and a half my asthma has been quite difficult to control (apart from the past few months until I caught this chest infection) and I've had two hospital admissions (I stayed on the short stay ward and was on 4 hourly nebs). I was diagnosed when I was 18 when I cam back from Paris and couldn't talk or sleep for coughing.

    I'm under the chest consultant now and I've had allergy tests. I appear to only be allergic to grass and nothing else, although I know that when I'm bad I get sensitive to lots of things especially perfume and deoderant. The consultant has managed to tweak my medication a bit and I'm getting better at managing my symptoms but its still frustrating.


  • That sounds similar to mine. I am struggling to get mine back under control and am also on high dose steroid inhalers and pred when needed. My specialist is still trying to get to the bottom of it.

    Feel free to PM me any time.

  • Hi Beth hope your feeling better, I had a nasty chest infection in november that lasted for 5 weeks! and the doc gave me a massive steroid dose and I also had to have 2 courses of antibiotics, my chest just wouldn't clear! but it has now gone (at last) and I am only havin problems at the moment because of the cold weather. I'm not allergic to anything not even pollen which the allergists said was quite rare, but I'm sensitive to quite alot of things including, cigarette smoke, cold weather, excersise, certain food additives and colourings and infections. I was also dianosed from coughing alone I used to get these coughing fits where I would cough all night and nothing would help, I used to get them all the time!

  • Hi lejaya

    I have received your message but can't reply as you are set to not receive messages


  • Hi lejeya, I have had asthma since I was 12 but had my first attack last yr at the age of 25. Since then I have had problems controlling my asthma and have tried various different types of inhalers. On becotide and serevent as well as ventolin at the mo and the only thing that I know that really triggers my asthma is exercise and cold weather, I don't have any allergies that I know of.


  • Hi Jo, I just changed my profile so I can receive messages, wasn't sure what that box meant at first!

  • Hi Smithy, how are you? have you ever had any allergy tests done? also does your asthma affect your work? mine does and I always have to take time off sick

  • hi lejaya,

    my asthma is the same, i was diagnosed at around 18 but has suffered constant chest and cough problems which probably related. its been well controlled for a long time with my inhalors morning and night and the occassional use of my salbutamol till about 6 months ago i went uncontrolled and been trying to get medication etc that suits me and works. They changed my medications for the fourth time last week, its been difficult as i now need to carry spacers etc on me and need to think more about my asthma beofre i do certain things but you get used to it. i'm lucky i have really supportive people at work etc but its still frustrating everytime my asthma affects my day to day activities. what are you on at the moment for it?

    love lauren xx

  • It has only affected me at work once when I had a chest infection and had to take a week off because I work outside in and out of hot and cold air really affects me. As for allergy tests no Ive never had them done and they have never been suggested to me


  • Hello,

    I have had asthma all my life and I find that it is mostly under control if I stop my self from coming into contact with certain things, things that really affect me are cold, laughing v hard, smoke, and animals and pollen. Cant go near dogs. Diet wise, I am intollerant to yeast and dairy products, and certain colourants, since I have cut these out of my diet I have been a lot better, I have also have eczema which is controlled if I stay away from all of the above.

    But unless you live as a hermit you cant keep yourself away from your ""triggers"" forever and you will be ill at these times. But as someone else said, it becomes the norm. I know that if I go out drinking in a smokey pub, or around my brothers house who has a dog, I will be ill for a few days later.

    You learn to manage it, I hope this helps!

  • lejaya,

    Glad your chest infection eventually cleared up. I had happen just over a year ago, I was on and off pred and antibiotics for ages.

    As for the coughing, I tend to find taking my reliever before my other meds before I go to sleep helps and also doing a bowl of steam. In the mornings when I'm ill I've been taking my inhaler when I wake up and then sitting up for ten minutes before getting out of bed. It usually shifts a bit of gunk and opens my airways enough. I also had a lovelyn hot bath this morning which seems to help me stop coughing, ease the tightness and make my lungs and throat less sore.

    I'm starting to feel slightly better although I'm taking it easy as I don't want to undo all my hard resting! :-)

  • Hi Lauren

    I am taking seretide 250, atrovent, singulair and ventolin at the moment but that will probably change soon, what are you taking? also have you ever had nebulized adrenaline before?

  • i was on seretide but changed to symbicort - its bit better as can choose how much i need with the wheel but on 4 puffs morning and night at the moment. then got salamol easi breathe and salbutamol MDI's for use with my spacer. i don't think its al working though as still having many asthma attacks but got to getused to it.

  • Hi ya, I don't understand why you have salamol easy breathe and salbutamol mdi as they're both the same med - salbutamol. Can you explain?


  • i don't either. i prefer the salamol easi breath as can use it quite easily during an attack as i can't co-ordinate the MDI. but i've got the MDI to use with the spacer when i'm having attacks as if its a bad attack which is fairly often the spacer is better. i know its bizzae - even the pharmacist commented on friday as i am getting 2 of each every fortnight at the moment and he was asking me what i do with them all as its four of the same but that was what the nurse/doc decided.

  • could do with having that many myself at mo think am goign to have to see oif docs can up prescription.

  • i'm using them so much its scary - i'm concerned i'm going to get in trouble at work over it. they are good at discriminating against people with illnesses!!

  • my old work fired me for taking to many sick days so I am in the process of taking them to a tribunal! sometimes if your asthma really affects you then it can be classed as a disability which makes to illegal for them to fire you

  • its registering it as a disabiity though. my early starts are begining to affect me as well - i leave my house at5am each morning and it is freezing!! te cold air is awful! can't wait till the warmer weather! xx

  • recond i using somewhere in region of 1 ventolin every week to week half at mo. not good

  • I dont want to scare anyone but

    my daughter holly had her first attack at 8 months old, she had uncountable admissions to hospital for nebs and intrevenus steriods, eventually having a neb at home, her attacks always came on over an hour or so, so we had time to get her to hospital, unfortunatly on the 31st jan this year she was was heading out for a friend birthday and suddenly collapsed and died aged 18 years, the PM said 'acute asthmatic episode' she was dead within seconds. PLEASE PLEASE DO EVERYTHING U CAN TO GET UR ASTHMA UNDER CONTROL

  • I am really very sorry to read about your daughters death, i can fully understand why you would want to prevent this happening to anyone else but I have am angry by the style of post. From a purely selfish piont of view as a parent of an uncontrolled severe brittle ''whatever the damn label of asthma he has'' child I find it upsetting to have the one thing i worry about most blasted at me in capital letters! Before i get shot down in flames I do know the realities of fatal asthma attacks, I am sure i am not alone in sometimes wondering if this is the final attack but for crying out loud to title your post i dont want to scare anyone , you have probably scared a few people, I certainly wouldnt want my son reading posts like this.

    As I said earlier I am truely sorry you and your family have suffered this tragedy but maybe there is a more positive way to promote asthma awareness?

  • sorry

    i am sorry if i have upset anyone but i dont want this to happen to anyone else i never thought asthma would kill my daughter and i dont want any other parent to go thro what i am going thro at the moment

  • as i have been told off about my 1st post i will try again, as a grieving parent of an 18 year old asthmatic please do what u can to get ur asthma under control

  • Where is this post titled ""I don't mean to scare anyone?'' can't seem to find it so I don't know what it says but usually when someone says ""I don't mean to......etc"" thats exactly what they are going to do and scaring other asthmatics or parents/carers of asthmatics is completly unsessery.

  • I didnt intend on offending you I was just pionting out that some people cant get their asthma under control which is frightening to say the least. Anyway I didnt reply to cause a scene just to put across my piont of view...

  • again sorry

    i have never done this before and do not want to upset anyone if this is what i have done i will not post again

  • sorry that was a bit harsh, like I said I haven't read the post so don't know what it says so I'm not upset just a little suprised that someone would title a post in such a way, and I am truly sorry about what happend to your daughter and I think you should carry on posting if you want feel free to pm me any time.

  • thanks i have apologised to julie privatly as i have been told by another member what she is going thro, i just dont want anyone else to go thro this, as holly was allergic to flowers i have asked for donations to asthma uk so i hope one day a cure will be found

  • Ok lets draw a line under this, Tawi posted with the best of intent and some of us have found the post difficult to read. P'm s have been sent and apologies made, it is just a case of understanding where people are at emotionally and being a little sensitive. I lost my first son to respiritory probs and in my greiving I probably did/said things that others struggled withI, at the time you just want to make sure noone else ever goes through the same tragedy. I hope you will continue to post , my bark is worse than my bite :-)

  • so do I, watching my mum seeing me suffer with asthma is really hard, but I do what I can to support asthma UK

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