pooorly mum


Just wondering if anyone can give me some advice, my mum has had a persistant cough for the last 11 days and it started off as a dry persistant cough as she thought it might be an allergy to something as she also had a scratchy throat, but she took antihistamines and they didn't help her, she has also tried cough medicines.

She went to the doctor today and the doc said that her chest was clear but gave her some antibiotics and told her it was a virus. Tonight her cough has got much worse and is now chesty, she says she feels ok and has no shortness of breath, any ideas on what it could be?

(by the way she doesn't have asthma or allergies although her mother had severe adult onset asthma.)

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  • Sorry, I can't offer much help, but why did her doctor dive her antibiotics if he thought it was a virus and her chest was clear??? Hope she feels better soon.

  • the doc gave her antibiotics ""just incase"" it was a infection of some sort but the doc was really unhelpful and didn't give her any advice on what might help. she doesn't cough all the time but she has alot of coughing fits where she can't stop coughing and the cough is waking her up at night. she also has some sinus pain. I just wondered if anyone new of something that might ease her coughing fits and help her sleep at night?

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