Not good news sorry!

Hi everyone

Not good news to report as I had hoped, they took out Snowys chest drain as planned and all seemed to go ok, but then things started to go haywire, all vital signs dropped and monitors kept going off again, not sure how much more of this I can cope with, I feel so bad as I have had to come home to get my head together whilst the ICU team sort it out.

Feel sure she knows I have abandonded her in her hour of need.....

Sorry you lot must be sick to the back teeth of me by now!



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15 Replies

  • Alex, so sorry to hear that. I hope Snowy starts improving again - it sounds like she has had setbacks before and come back from them so hoping this is just a blip.

    You wouldn't be able to get in there and talk to her while ICU people are doing their stuff (I don't know the drill but assume they need to have everyone out while they sort it), and you need to look after yourself as well so you can go back later and be there for her.

    And we are definitely, absolutely not sick of hearing from you - we're all here for you, Snowy and Lewis and want to know what's going on, as far as you're able to keep us updated and want to.

    Thinking of you all as ever. xx

  • Oh Alex, I'm so sorry to hear that Snowy's recovery is continuing to be slow. She'll continue to fight for you and Lewis. It's so exhausting for you to try and keep things together, please keep us updated, maybe you could ask the Consultant if you could speak to a counsellor or the chaplain maybe to help you through this terrible time. Maybe this site should have a thread for partners as I know during my recent admission my husband struggled to cope and my sister travelled to see him and explain things, as she is a nurse. We're all thinking and praying for your family right now. Take care. x

  • Sorry to hear about Snowy's setback. I am thinking of her and you and Lewis.

    You shouldn't feel bad for coming home for a rest and time out. She will definitely understand that you need some time out to keep strong for her and Lewis.


  • Oh Alex, I'm so sorry that things aren't going smoothly. It must be so very hard for you to watch Snowy take a step forward and then lose some of the gound she'd gained. Maybe the doctors were trying to move too fast and she needs some more time being stable before trying to reduce her support.

    I can't believe Snowy would ever think you would abandoned her. She'd know you couldn't be there while the ICU team was working to sort her out and I'm sure she'd like to think that you took the time to eat something and look after yourself for a while.

    Finally, don't ever think we're sick of hearing from you. We're all here to support you, and Snowy and Lewis.

    Sending hugs for all of you.


  • Sorry snowys had a further set back, maybe the chest drain needs to stay in a little longer and thats how she tells you. Dont feel bad im sure she will understand why you left and knows you havent abandoned her. she knows You have been there all this time her,you must look after yourself and your family. You could try talking to the auk helpline as im sure they can give you help and advice .

    Wishing you all the very best. We are all here to support and help as much as we can. Dont ever feel you are on your own, we have as much time as you need.

    lots love and hugs

  • Sorry to here the drain out sent snowy back again .Hope she finds her way back to you all soon and starts to pick up again slowly .Love to you all.Alex we all behind you and pray for you all xxx

  • Absolutely not sick of hearing updates from you - that's the point of this forum, and we're here to support you and Snowy and Lewis, when things are good and when they're rubbish and awful.

    Really sorry to hear that things went downhill after Snowy's chest drain was taken out. However, I'm glad that you were able to recognise what you needed (time out) and allowed yourself to go home to clear your head. Please don't feel guilty about that. Snowy needs you to be as much 'you' as you can be in this situation, and you won't be any good to anyone if you're emotionally and physically burnt out.

    Sending hugs and keeping all of you in my thoughts.


  • alex,

    i just dont know what to say. i really thought today would be the start of somethig positive didnt we :)

    lets start and aim for tomorrow :) andrea just needs that extra bit longer for her lungs to recover before they remove the drain, yeah. remember - the two snowys are fighters ;)

    here for you as always. keep strong. dont give up. she will get there, just takes time, one day at a time, you got everyone's support on here, especially mine,

    x x x

  • I agree with the others Alex. You have to look after yourself as well.....and don't feel bad ever about posting on here....thinking of you all.

  • Ah no, her lungs just need time after everything she has been through.

    No one is sick of hearing from you, its important for you have somewhere to come and tell people whats going on. Take care of yourself and then it will be easier to help her.

    Always thinking of all of you

    Linsday xx

  • Can't really add to what the others have said Alex. Thinking and praying for you all and hope Lewis is bearing up.

  • Hugs and prayers to you all. Post as often as you want, its what this site is for.


  • Hi Alex.

    All my love and best wishes to you and your family at this difficult time.

    Off course we are not sick of you. This site was set up with the purpose of helping people in these kind of situations. Stay strong and remember we are all praying for Snowy.


  • Hi Alex. Don't ever feel guilty about how you react and need time out. Its natural. You need the space and time too. As others have said you need to look after yourself as well. I work on newborn intensive care and tell our parents to do exactly that. Andrea and others won't judge. You have a lot to core with. All my prayers Catherine

  • Hi Alex,

    Definitely not sick of you, keep us updated. Thinking of you and your family and wishing there was something I could do to help. Let us know if there is anything we can do.

    Shy1 x

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