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My peak flow is extremely low!

I am 5 foot 8 inches tall & 20 years old so my peak flow should be 434 according to the EU scale based on my age & height. This got me wondering so I worked out how my lungs are functioning. I worked out 1% of 434 & then worked out what was the peak flow for in my zones:

a) Peak flow for red zone (Below 50%)

b) Peak flow for amber zone (50%-75%)

c) Peak flow for green zone (75%-100%)

My peak flow is usually 250, which is 57.61% lung function & is in the amber zone. I am on Bricanyl Turbohaler & Seretide 100 powder accuhaler. Should I be worried about this value given my age & height?



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It depends for different people. I'm 5ft 8 and my normal PF is 550. But if you feel symptomatic and you think your bricanyl isn't working, you really need to get some help.

Vicky x



my peek flow is often around 250, 300, ish ..... recently had a visit to the gp as asthma was aggrevated and also discovered I had a chest infection which was effecting breathing but i just passed it off as a bad asthma period. My GP did a peek flow and was not happy as it was around 250ish so put me on steroids and antibiotics. I guess we are all different in our readings and what goes for one doesnt actually go for another , BUT , if you feel you are struggling please go see yr asthma nurse for a check up - they really dont mind, mine is lovely and im due to see her next week. Im on singulair, seretide 500 bd and ventolin ...... just had to be taken of phyllicontin as it sent my blood pressure sky high but regardless of medication you know what is right and wrong for you, good luck and dont suffer get the help you need when you get short of breath. Take care, Donna x


Hi gemmalouise if you are having asthma symptoms and your peak flow has dropped you need to see your doctor or asthma nurse, you should do this even if your peak flow hasn't dropped. If you have concerns about your peakflow speak to your doctor/asthma nurse or perhaps phone or email asthma uk adviceline? the details are at the top of the page.

hope that helps a little

simi x


If you do not have any symptoms then dont worry. But if you are needing your blue inhaler more than 3 times a week or at least once a day go and see your asthma nurse or GP as you may need to step up your preventor.

The height and age thing does not always work for some people it is more about your symptoms and how well controlled you are.


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