Its all of the above Im a Brittle asthmatic on Sub Cut Bricanyl Pump, Uniphyllin 300mg x 2, Seretide 250mg x 4, and as of earlier today 4mg Preds, but now have a temp a dry cough sore throat blocked nose and a tumblin peak flow!! Sorry about long first line, but I had been ok until about Sept last year and since then been up and down Preds, anti-biotics, nebs so so tired etc etc. Just got the Preds down and here I go again. I wonder if going to hospital will help but dont know what else they can do.................. is anyone the same...........Im sure there are, just need to know its not just me, I hate feeling so low :(

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  • HI Krookie,

    IT does make me low also as had months of bad asthma.

    Make sure you go get help if you need it ,dont wait as its not worth risking .

    Take care love Glynis xxx

  • Thank you, I probably will have to visit Costa, its been a while but there is always a space there for us Wheezers!!


  • Sorry your having a bad time of it. If it needs to be sorted get all the help you need. You shouldn't try to just handle it yourself, the asthma nurses provide a listening ear to me and sometimes my Gp. ( Via tele calls)

    I hope you get more sorted. Take care,


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