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Chronic/Status Asthmaticus/Singulair


Anyone got any advice....or experience of similar...

Initially I had a few attacks that resulted in A&E, the usual, but nothing earth shattering in the autumn! This progresed to getting more and more out of control, yet the attacks once on nebuliser etc then calm down quite quickly after a few doses.

My peak flow remains low and chronic - even after changes of meds, nebulisers, steroids (oral and inhaled versions). (Won't bore you here with list but I did put them on profile!) Now came down off a lot of the meds and wham bam straight into status asthmaticus!

Am off to Con soon - hopefully - but have been told that I apparently have an allergy to something in my environment...does anyone know whether the singulair I have only just started will work against hom-e/work enviroment allergies? I read a few of the other threads about singulair but it mainly mentions hayfever...

Also any other suggestions of what I should be doing/asking for to get this sorted???

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I've been told that Singulair helps against environmental allergies - my flatmate has seen an improvement in her pet allergies since taking it. Have you tried taking an antihistamine on a longterm basis? I take both and find that they have helped quite a bit.



I haven't tried a histamine on longterm basis...I was stupid enough to think this would clear up of own accord seeing as never had this extreme reaction for so long...tree pollen does but tends to be only a coupe of weeks that it's at its worse then its just liveable with!

My GP prob isn't the best person for asthma probs - don't think he's that knowledgeable tbh, am sort of annoyed I've let it last this long and not kicked up about it...but I never fully realised beforehand...

What are the typical things in a home that can do it...I don't think it's dust mites... Are they likely to test me for allergies? Or just try to stop the effects of allergies?


The university GP told me once that GPs don't usually do asthma these days.

I take singulair too, it was the med that made the most difference to my control. Especially in the hayfever season.


A GP speaks:

Asthma, unless severe or with complicating factors, should be a condition managed by a general practitioner.

Just my 2p-worth...


I like lots of the others am an allergic sort of person, dust mites, pets, mould, lots of food stuffs etc,. I have been given a months supply of Singulair along with a weeks reducing course of pred to try and settle my lungs after a rough November-Jan (oh there was a good week or so somewhere before Christmas). I did take Clarityn last year right through - don't know if it had much overall difference. Maybe it did cos I was not ill for 3 months at a stretch!

Anyhow the plan is that after the month I stop the Singulair and see how things are. At the moment I am slowly reducing my Seretide 250 from 4 puffs twice daily to 3 puffs and maybe back to 2puffs.

Good luck - let us know if the seretide works for you - I think that it has reduced the mucous quite a bit for me but that would be the pred as well.



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