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Needing advice

Hi, Im currently taking symbicort, ventolin and theophylline 200mg plus piriton. On Sunday I got only what I can describe as the flu, stayed in bed for 3days,my breathing wasn't to effected. Now I have a persistent cough, yellow /green phlegm and my breathing is getting worse. I have taken my meds religiously but it takes me 1 to 2hours to control my asthma and be able to just function. Tried to get a doctors appointment but couldn't , now waiting on a telephone consultation. I'm allergic to penicillin is there any other antibiotic I can take?


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Realise it might be a bit late to answer your question but there are different antibiotics that can be prescribed. I hope you got sorted today, but if you didnt, dont hesitate to call out of hours doctor service.


Hope you are feeling better now.


Thanks for your replies, I am now taking erythromycin 4 times a day for a week. Just started them tonight still not breathing to good but I will see what the morning brings.


Hi Diane, How you feeling?

I still feel 'not quite right' after week of erythromycin tablets. Loads of phlegm and blowing of nose. Sides ache. Nellie does nightly visit around 3am then an early morning visit around 6am. Guess who's awake to feed the cats, this week? Been really niggly, the feelings around lower back - roughly kidney level. Seeing my new asthma nurse on Tuesday. Presently on seretide 250 and ventolin.

Moira x


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