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Can Changing Steroid Inhalers be Effective?

I've been on Becotide (and now Clenil, which I find induces a cough, even through a spacer) for over a year now and - given the lack of any improvement in my PF readings in spite of adding in Singulair to replace Serevent recently - I was wondering whether it might be worth asking my GP to try a different steroid. She mentioned referring me to a consultant at my last appointment as she said I was not well controlled, which surprised me as I don't feel particularly out of control!

I have a friend on Flixotide who has found it very effective. Is it likely that a different steroid could make a difference and improve my PFs, or are they all much of a muchness?

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hey there amszepher, sorry to hear that you are having a rough time as of late.

I have never tried Clenil, but i have been on a rediculously strong dose of Becotide ( as the strong Becloforte preparation, affectionally known as battery acid by my friends ) and i can sympathise about it not improving. maybe it is time you asked ur GP about a better preventer


Hi amszephyr,

There is not any very compelling evidence in the medical literature that any one inhaled steroid is better overall out of the five (beclometasone, budesonide, ciclesonide, fluticasone, mometasone) that are currently available, although ciclesonide and mometasone are relatively new so there is not a great deal of data. The British Thoracic Society don't recommend any particular inhaled steroid.

That's not to say that individual people might not respond better to one than another - everyone is different, and I have heard anecdotally that sometimes people who are poorly controlled on one do better on another. Some consultants have individual preferences for one or another as well.

It's always worth asking if you can try an alternative; if nothing else, you should be able to find an inhaler and delivery method that doesn't make you cough.

Em H


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