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hi all, when my little boy was in hospital at the weekend, one doctor told me that he didnt need a nebulizer because he said he wasnt wheezing. although he was obviously really struggling breathing.

he said a neb is only used if there is wheeze. even though i couldnt here it i knew he needed the nebs.

sometimes he doesnt wheeze but is struggling so bad he cant talk, so to me he needs nebs, am i wrong im very confused??

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Hi trudser

Sorry to hear your little boy has not been very well. I think there is still this attitude that Asthma must always include a wheeze but there are some people like your little boy who have all the symptoms of Asthma except the wheeze. I am going to bump up a fairly recent thread in regards to non-wheezing and Asthma. Please always take your child to GP/hospital if in doubt not all doctors are likely to be the same. In the meantime perhaps you should go and discuss this with your GP and see what they think?

take care


Hi, you are NOT confused

I so know how you feel, my youngest has severe and difficult asthma and no wheeze.Even our respiratory specialist couldn't believe it's asthma!!I have been to A+E and had the same problem, luckily I have an understanding GP who gives us ventolin nebules for a home nebuliser we have.

You know your child, look at the way he breaths, if it looks weird in any way get help, fight, shout the place down, do what you have to to get heard. I'm not a pushy person and always saying sorry, but have learnt where my Son is concerned I will fight for treatment. My Sons asthma caused his spine to curve(way he was breathing), I was too nice to fight.I feel so so guilty. Now seeing chiropractor to keep spine straight and doing a fab job. NHS wanted to put him in a brace!I know this is unusual so please don't panic. Phone asthma UK they will give you the info to fire at the specialists.Have you got a good GP? our sent us on to our local hospital where he sees a pediatric specialist who is fantastic, isn't specialist with Son's condition but does every thing to help us. We have a letter explaining how quick his asthma deteriorates and if he turns up in A+E this needs to be taken into consideration. I can't tell you how many times this has saved his life (looks all torn and worn like an old rag now!). Some Doctors just aint gotta clue.

Just remember you know your child best and they are not God!!

Good Luck



Sorry, meant to say, I know why your confused, but stick with your instincts. They are probably right and so much safer than other option

Take care



Hi trudster,

i hope your son is feeling better now. What a nightmare it must be for you. Like other people said you know your child best so you can tell when he's poorly. I've got the same problem and was debating just yesterday whether to go to hospital for a neb or not as struggeling to breathe but wasn't wheezing. Luckily I managed to get control back but took a while but when I go to a&e I usually get the same response but i just tell them what I need and they listen.

As it's been mentioned I would also suggest to talk to your gp about this problem and hopefully you'll get sorted.

Best of luck.

Love Lydia x


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