Wheezing, and asthma since yesterday

Hi everyone

I been having trouble with my asthma since yesterday, and all last night I couldnt sleep, I kept taking the ventolin, I got wheezing still and it wont stop, keeps coming back. I dont know if its bronchitis again or the making of an attack. I got an appointment at 2 30 with my family doctor to check it out. Any feedback?

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  • If your usual medication is not giving you relief you should be going to A&E. Call an ambulance or get someone to take you. You should never take chances with asthma.

  • make sure you see your gp.my gp says will see me without an apointment if its asthma.ring up soon as you can and get meds checked.love Glynisxxx

  • Ya I made an appointment, they had no spaces today but I told the receptionist I got asthma so she squeeszed me in. I will see what he says, if it gets worse i will go to the ER

  • OK.Take care and good luck xxx

  • I went to the ER afterall, it wassnt very severe so they only gave me one pred and one neb treatment, and I am on 4 days of pred.

  • Better to err on the side of caution - the hospital would much rather see you like that and then be able to discharge you home/to GP than have you come into resus as an emergency particularly because you hadn't sought help early.

    Sorry if my first message was a bit strong - trouble is we can't judge how serious a situation is just from what you type.

    Glad things seem better now and I hope the Pred sorts you out.

  • Glad you went Er.Hope you will feel better soon.If you are still having breathing problems then go see your GP as you might need a little more help just for a little longer.Love Glynisxxx

  • Thanks, although I dont know how good ER's are in England, but here in Canada they suck, well the one I go to does. I ended up waiting for over 4 hours to get one mask treatment, and they didnt even give me a bed they put me in a fracture room. They didnt think I looked distressed enough or that I was having a real attack, cause it wassnt a very severe one. The nurse wait around here is ridiculously long, I had to wait for the second time since having a last attack in 2007, same issue for the nurse to come take my mask away when it was done I waited an hour, than she were to return with the peak flow which she never did, my doctor came and discharged me instead. They only took my vitals twice at check in and one nurse. And than peak flow once at check in. Worse experience I've ever had with asthma.

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