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My husband has been diagnosed with late onset asthma...2 years ago.

This summer he spent a couple of days in hospital for assessment. He has seen a specialist who tells him that his asthma could be caused by up to 2000 different triggers and that it is up to him to find which it is.

He has had tests which have ruled out dust, fungi spores and white spirits.

His medication is Singulair 10 mg daily - Uniphyllin 200mg twice daily - Symbicort up to 12 doses a day. Every three/four weeks since July he has had to have oral steroids for 7 days.

His asthma is clearly not controlled properly and he is awaiting another appointment with specialist.

Any advice? How can we find the triggers?


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Hi Ciel, Sorry to hear about your husband's asthma. Allergies/triggers are a rather complicated area. My son and I know what our triggers are and try to avoid them or take preventative measures as much as possible. I'm afraid there is no quick way of finding the triggers except by experience, but the obvious ones are exercise, smoke, dust/pollen and colds. I also get wheezy if I sneeze too hard, laugh a lot and drink wine.

I found the allergy tests on my son at a clinic were not really all that helpful. It confirmed allergies to dust mites and pollen which I already knew about, but if I wanted more extensive testing I was told I would have to pay for it. The consultant doesnt want to pursue this path, saying my son is just a general 'allergic' sort of person with rhinitis as well as asthma. He also said you can't live in a bubble. Son takes two lots of antihistamines and a steroid nasal spray (they do help with the rhinitis). We're both on various meds for the asthma.

I suggest you and your husband discuss the issue with the consultant. There is info on the subject on the AUK info pages (All About Asthma) which is useful and there is a lot of material on the internet about allergies and asthma.


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