one thing after the other

Hi guys,

I'm new to this forum and well, need to let off a bit of steam. To summarise my lot, I got a resp tract infection in Nov, started inhalers in Dec progressed to nebs at home, 60mgs pred (now on 7.mgs) and two different types of antibitioc plus seretide 500 twice a day and singulair. I got a right fright as I've had asthma since 19 and now 38 but haven't used an inhaler in years, so it has been awful. Last week I was finally starting to turn the corner and what hey- my little toddler son arrived home from creche with yet another cold which yes, you've guessed, I got! Now I'm back to chesty wheezy land. God is there any end to this? Please can someone out there give me some light at the end of the tunnel? I've been off sick from work since 2nd Dec. and keen to return to normal. I can't believe how long this has been going on. Am doing everything I possibly can to recover- taking probiotics, vit & min supplemental tonic, flaxseed oil, echinacea, eating and drinking really well, yoga breathing and started salt cave therapy two days ago.

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  • Hi there, I can relate to how you are feeling as I have had a similar experience hun. I got rushed to hosp twice in Nov after 16 years of very well controlled asthma. Since Nov I have been on steriods, anti-bios & nebs. I am still no better. I cant walk accross the room without getting out of breath & the minute I go outside I cant breathe. If anyone cames near me with a slight sniffle I get it but much worse. I just sat & cried at the Drs on Monday as I am so fed up with it. I am so sorry you are suffering too. Thinking of you & hope you get some relief soon.



  • welcome flanno. Hope your flair up settles down soon. My asthma started 3 years ago. Love Glynis X

  • Hi flanno,

    Exactly the same has happened to me since November too; i've also been off work but since Nov. I am getting better slowly and have been cleared for a phased return to work. It's horrible and frightening, I couldn't walk five steps in the house without getting totally exhausted and getting huge coughing fits. Walking up the stairs was impossible, ended up in hospital over new year that sorted me out and now getting better and more active. Not to what I was before but it has been great been able to go around the house without too much trouble and being able to drive again has been great. You will get there; try to rest as much as you can. i know thats easier said than done with the little one.

    emma x

  • Hi Flanno, I know exactly how you feel as I have been through similar with me and my son. But things will get better, it may take a while because your lungs have obviously got very sore after the infection. It's hard when you're working and also have to look after a family.

    I get my son's colds (and he gets mine!) and they usually go on our chests. But it is the worst time of year for viruses etc (schools, creches etc are hot beds for illnesses) and I keep reminding myself spring isn't TOO far away. Keep taking the vitamins, wash your hands a lot (and your son's, especially when he comes home from creche) and take plenty of fluid. Good luck and I hope things improve soon.

  • Aw guys, thanks so much for replying and sharing your experiences and encouragement with me. I deeply appreciate it. I guess I just need to be patient, which I'm not very good at! This forum is very good for breaking down the isolation of illness. My laptop's playing up a bit so if I'm not replying for a day or two, I'll get back to it. Thanks again and I wish you all good health for this year.

  • So glad ur getting on top of things again ward all these viruses away. Take care.


  • will it ever end?

    Hello, I am new to this so will probably waffle on a bit. I am long term chronic asthmatic - usually very well controlled but this winter.....!!! Having read loads of blogs I can see that loads of us are in the same boat and that is so re-assuring. I always assume I could be doing something more -making more effort to get well - doing more stuff - trying to make out that I'm not exhusted all the time - that if I get my head in gear then my body will follow. What is it about having asthma that makes me feel like I've let everyone down? I have been unwell since end of Nov - with a respite over Christmas when I was ok and husband and rest of family had the 'flu (proper not man). I'd already had massive dose of pred + antibios+ A&E to stabilise then i got poorly again with their flu bug ( I have jab so no actual 'flu syptoms) so A&E again + IV steriods +oxy to stabilise. Three days later ADMITTED into hosp. - this has never happened to me before - hosp. totally overwhelmed with 'flu ect. - this was very challenging for me (the place was like Beruit on a bad day but that sounds ungrateful and the staff were heroic). Was there for 3 days - as soon as I could do 70% PF I was off. Since then Pred+2lots Antibios+nebs. Have other health issues with stomach/digestion which went off the wall. So here I am recovering (SO SLOWLY) then yesterday had a coughing fit and I could not catch my breath. I mean I was gasping like nothing on earth - perhaps you have had this experience but I had not until now - my husband was looking totally terrified, unable to help. Obviously I managed to get enough air into me to survive but at one stage I did think I might pass out and so I'd like to know - what would happen if I did? Would my lungs operate or would that be it? and what could I have done better ( I raised my bent arms to expand my lungs/ I was calm (strangely)/ I sipped water as soon as able etc.). I have probably broken some rules with this - sorry if I have but any info would be welcome as I am now - and I haven't been before (my asthma makes me bored/irritated/frustrated/angry/PO'd/) - anxious.

  • hello,

    think I messed up a bit - posted something new and put it as a reply here. DOH!!

    anyway have been reading the posts and things really are the pits for a lot of people at the moment. I do hope you pick up soon - asthma is such a patience trier - you will recover - there are better days ahead - time will pass and you will have your life back - just not today.

    kind regards, turnout

  • Hi Turnout, dont worry about posting here. It took me a while to learn my way round. I'm so sorry to read you have not been well at all & just want you to know you are not alone. Take care.


  • one thing after the other

    So sorry to see that so many people are under the weather at the moment. It is very wearing. I'm nearly afraid to say it, but the last couple of days have been good to me (aside from a trip to A/E after coughing up fresh blood on Sat- not much and they put it down to coughing). Chest is starting to clear and wheeze has eased up. So grateful to all you guys for the encouragement and hope we all turn a big corner back to excellent health very very soon!

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