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Where I went from here

Old story where to go from here. Went to hospital Asthma Nurse for Allergy testing. Allergic to cats (not got any), indigenous trees Oak, Beech, Birch (ironic moved to country for fresh air from city), Grass (the walk on kind), Housedust mites. She was very informative and spent sometime getting to know my life, condition, meds. I am now having my meds changed from seretide 500 2 puffs bd to Symbicort 2 puffs bd, little scared, but will give it a go. She raised her eyebrows a few time when mentioned only nebbed with atrovent at gps and not salbutomal as well. Seemed amazed when told to use atrovent prn and not four times a day 2 puffs. I must say I felt she sounded like she knew a thing or two and felt more confident in what she said instead of the usual o your sats are above 97% (which they will be after overdosing on ventolin) or carn't hear a vheeze (thats because I carn't breath out). Anyway she warned me the meds might not suit to be aware may get worse, and re-educated me on when to dial for the green men. Fingures crossed this all works although the weather does'nt help. Had an asthma free day by the seaside yesterday with all the family hope this good run continues. Hope everyone is coping and well at the moment

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Hi Ju,

Great to hear that you've got such a good asthma nurse!

I'm really interested that you were told to use Atrovent PRN before seeing the new nurse. The reason that it's only used 4x daily is because of the way in which it works, meaning that it's not effective within 4 hours of the last dose.

Hope that you like the Symbicort. I loved it when I took it.

Keeping fingers crossed for you that this is what you need to get control of things.


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