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Glory be! A doctor that listens to you!

New practice. Went along with this really awful cold of mine to be told almost the minute I stepped into the room that I had bronchitis. Antibiotics prescribed - Erythromycin.

Plus listened to my chest and I thought here we go. Said btw I never wheeze only ever cough. He told me he knew asthma came either as a wheeze or a cough but that today I had both wheeze and a fair rattle. To go back next week for spirometry test plus he'd like me to go for chest x-ray to see what is going on in there, as he put it, with a view to putting me on Spiriva to ward off future bronchitis. The man's a god.

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Ahhh...jealous. I want. Though I shouldn't be greedy, mine is great too even if she never knows what to do with me - I can't really blame her since all the respiratory experts are also baffled, and she never seems to mind me tipping up frequently with more random stuff like inexplicable dizziness. She has never once made me feel like a hypochondriac or suggested it's all down to anxiety which to me is worth an awful lot.

With the OOH Dr Paper Bag I saw this weekend I have experienced the other end of the spectrum - makes me all the more glad for the ones who aren't like that.

Edit: meant to say I hope the antibiotics work and you get rid of the bronchitis soon!


hi nana! So glad you got help and meds with nice doctor.Hope you pic up soon xxx hug from jack and mason xxx


Glad you finally got yourself a good doc gran

I was beginning to think i was only one on here with a good gp

Howie :)


Amazing how much of a difference it can make just to be heard rather than being brushed off, isn't it? I'm so glad to hear that you've got a doctor who seems to care AND seems to be clued up and proactive. I so often feel as though I just lurch from treating one acute thing to the next, so hearing that your doctor is planning for the future and trying to improve things *before* they go pear-shaped is fabulous!

It took me a bit of a while to find a good doctor within the practice when I moved house recently:

Doc 1: Steroids don't cause high blood sugars so I don't know why you're on all this monitoring/treatment

Doc 2: Yes, you're very wheezy and don't seem to be shifting much air. Let's start reducing your steroids

Doc 3: Someone as young as you shouldn't be on so many medications. I think we should stop this and this and this and... (24 hours later in ITU again)

Doc 4, thankfully, is an angel! I'm gutted that she's going on maternity leave in September, but feel so grateful to her for listening to me, considering me as a 'whole person' and allowing me to make appointments for 'no reason'. She never makes me feel as though I'm a hypochondriac (great feeling, isn't it, Philomela?!) and having the 'no reason' appointments is a godsend, as it means that I have time to talk about all the 'little things' like referrals to audiology/dietitian/physio that normally wouldn't get mentioned because they don't seem urgent enough!

Anyway, I'm rambling. GrannyMo, I'm thrilled for you, and hope that your doctor continues to be good, and that between you, you can get control over your asthma!



Nice one GrannyMo. Hope you feel better soon. xx


sounds like you have found an amazing doctor...mine is amazing too!


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