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Taking seretide 250 - 2 puffs twice a day. Apart from the husky voice, the other side effect I've noticed is the need to dash to the loo. On one or two occasions I've failed to get there in time.

Thing is, had finally come to a decision on our holidays - island hopping and wild camping. How is this going to work? Its all just so embarrassing. Maybe this should have gone on the rant and moan thread.

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have you been on preds recently?

just a random question...


Not since end of January. No urine infection symptoms either. Some days I'm ok.


It could be a whole number of other things as with a lot of symptoms and not necessarily linked to the seretide at all, then again it could be - i'd speak with you dr to check



It could something unrelated to seretide - but mind you from the point where i was moved from 250 to 500 i do get a aserious thirst attack and can drink a large bottle of water down with a pause fro breath.

Its worth mentioning to your GP as i had a similar issue while on preds and ceflexin this year i told my GP who kept a note on the system that this may be a side effect from the preds or antibiotics and then the second flare up it happened again so - im putting it down to one of the two medications.



I get this! But thought it might be due to my ventolin! Very annoying but if you speak to the nurse they will help!

There are some options-:

Speak to the nurse as they can speak to you about their services

use a pad like alldays envive or tena. They are small and discrete and can save face IYSWIM

if you have an iphone there is a toilet app showing you a map of local loos

if not, when you are ready for your holiday look up all the usual suspects for toilets. e.g. bars, restaurants, hotels etc so you know where they are in case!

Good luck!


Kegel Exercises - loads of sites online but here is one below which deals with urine related issues.

You can also buy the 'weights' in Boots or online which can speed up this process.


Thanks all. In particular, Bob, for nudging the brain into remembering something from 30 years ago.

That's when I had my children. First was by Caesarian which is why my tum still stuck out a bit even when I was still thin. Second was natural birth - 1980, we were all being urged to have our babies the natural way. Had ultrasound scanning been as good as today I'd have known not to go down this route and had another section. I had the same size babies each time (8 lb 8 oz) and this caused an unseen problem as apparently there was a bit of extra bone for the baby to get around and in the event, forceps didn't help and so they got going with snips etc.

After the birth, when hugging new baby and DH, a nurse came by and said they'd made a bit of a mess. I didn't think anything of it at the time but three years later had to go back in for pelvic floor repair. Apparently I was 'lucky'they said as just missed out on a bag for 'toiletry needs' as the initial frantic snipping had just missed the bowel by a hairs-width. Surgeon asked who had been the surgeon at the birth - You, I said. At the time, I was told this repair wouldn't last forever and at some stage possibly every four years (!) would have to be done again.

When it sort of gave way, I lived with it and some years later, I bought those weights you mention, Bob. Did the trick. So.. I'm going to ferret them out from the back of the wardrobe and get going on the Kegel exercises again. If nothing else, my DH will appreciate it.


PS Might have known there would be an app for it. I do have an i-phone. Am currently downloading.

PPS Will pack some Always in handbag.


Hiya. I havent read all the answers here, so someone might have already suggested it.. but have you considered ""she-pees""?

I'm a festie and camping gal and they're wicked for discrete wee-ing ! (That'll only work if its a dash for a wee tho :S )


Interesting to say the least, but urgent need to go may result in wet knickers as I try to put this in place. If you don't mind, I will stick with the exercises and a small camping flushable loo that my DH has just sourced. It stands about 15 inches high and will fit in the buddy seat (basically a wooden box) in our either of our small campers.

PS clicked link within shepee website and my spyware wouldn't let me proceed - immediately flagged up a high Trojan risk. Looks like they've been got at by something nefarious.


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