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IgE number?

Hi everyone

I went to my GP today for the results of my allergy blood test - I've posted on here before about what happened, but basically had to cut short a holiday to Ireland to due an asthma attack, however peak flow was good throughout and felt much better when I arrived home, making me think it was an allergy problem as I also have hayfever. Anyhow, the doctor today said the allergens I was tested on (grass pollen, house mite etc) came back as only mild or no reaction (no surprise since I already knew from scratch tests as a kid I am not too allergic to those things, mainly mould spores is my problem), but then he said my IgE number was 488 which was high, but then he said I was ""an allergic person"" so this was to be expected and is just leaving me on Seretide and Singulair for the time being. I don't really know if this IgE number is something I should be concerned about or ask to be invesitgated further - I am switching GPs as my current one seems to think I've just had a panic attack (!) and when I told him that peak flow doesn't always reflect asthma symptoms he said that was rubbish (and yes that was the word he used!). There seems to be no willingness on his part to fully investigate what happened and I am wondering if he's downplaying this IgE number? Anyone know their IgE number of if I am right to be concerned?

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