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Large differences in morning and evening peak flows

hello. I am new to this and relatively new to asthma. I developed asthma after pregnancy and had it for about a year before I was diagnosed.

My asthma has been under control for a couple of short periods. Its currently all over the place.

The question I have is - is it normal to have a wide difference between morning and evening peak flows. For the last month the difference is quite noticebale. (an average morning is currently 260 with evenings 440). At night my asthma is much worse.

I am on all sorts of medication and I still need my blue inhaler everyday. In the summer I was fine most of the time.

Being 'new' to asthma I am not sure what to expect. I see the GP who specializes in asthma and the nurse for spirometry. That is it. I keep ending up on steriods. I assume that is normal.

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hi and Welcome to the forum

you could do with a med review and see if can have anything else if dips and

you need reliever every day.

Mine dips in the afternoon onwards and from 500 down to 350. I start having problems 400

onwards and sometimes pf doesnt drop but still SOB.

Go with PF but also by how you are feeling xxxx


Hi welcome to the forum and to asthma. :-)

I've been told by my Gp that it is common to see a variance between morning and evening peak flows, but yours seems to be quite low in the morning, possible could be that you have developed an acute allergy to dust/house mites which are worst in bed. I have found out that I'm quite allergic to these so have bought new pillows and a mattress protector, as well as hovering the bed just to see if this helps.

You could ask your Gp to do a rast test, or your resp nurse might do it, mine randomly decided to do it at my last appointment didn't need to book anything or even have to wait weeks for the results just 10 mins!

Good luck hopefully means you can stay of the steroids


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