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I've got to have a CT scan

Hi all

Well my chest X-ray came back clear. I went to see my asthma nurse yesterday. Thinking everything was great. She says the doctor still thinks i've got Bronchialectisis. It doesn't necessarily show up on the X-ray. I'm fed up because i thought the long journey was over.

I've got to go to the doctors on tuesday, to ask the doctor to arrange a trip to the hospital. A CT scan will definately confirm a yeah or a neigh! I have also got to have a emergency repeat prescription of antibiotics & steroids, which is handy! Also i am going to beg the doctor to put me back onto singulair!! WISH ME LUCK!!!!

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Good Luck Julie



at least you should get some answers from ct scan i did good luck.


Good luck Julie.

I had a CT scan about 18 months ago. They do throw up some useful information.




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