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The pollen and my lungs really haven't got on well this weekend. Sounds like I'm not on my own! I'm taking fexofenadine for it. Its working better than loretodine (sp?) and another the GP has tried me on but not keeping me clear.

Are there any other antihistamine options others have tried, with some success? I'm desperately tring to avoid the smarties (or nasty white tablets if the doctors get their way).

Breathe easy all!

:) Tina

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I have been suffering terribly recently with my hayfever also, I am on Fexofenadine and my doctor has put me on Nasonex nasal spray so far it seems to be OK


i am on max dose fexofenadine 180mg and also flixonase nasal spray :)

suffer awful hayfever grrr...

apparently u can get pollen screens from lidl which you hang as blinds in the window which let in air etc.. but keep out pollen? supposed to be really good, good friend of mine swears by them, recommended them to me :)



May be worth asking doctor or consultant if you can go onto fexofenadine 180mg twice a day or fexofenadine 180mg in the morning and mizolastine in the evening if the first option does not help....

I have been on ever increasing doses of antihistamine for the last few years and still looking for a solution which is 100% effective... this is even with maintence prednisolone which is supposed to contol inflammation, nasal sprays, eye drops and epipens. Personally I prefer fexofenadine as it does not give me constant nose bleeds which I have had on other types of antihistamine.


I think the choice of antihistames depends on symtom, if its just summer think say nose eyes then a nasal spray would be good.

yes there are always different antihistamies but when i first went to GP she said they go loratdine, certerzine and then fexo normal dose before starting thinking about testing and immunlogy.

I would go to GP if not on higher dose fexo then ask about that and then some sort of nasel spray Im on aysmax a new one that deal with nasel and eye symtoms...


I have an antihistamine called Rupafin (generic name rupatadine) that my dermatologist gave me for dermatographia (somewhat odd skin condition) but reading the label, it is also recommended for rhinitis.

I think I'm right in saying that it can only be initially prescribed by a consultant, although now my GP puts it on repeat for me.

I don't know whether it's worth your looking into this one or indeed if it's suitable for you - but as far as I'm concerned, it's worked wonders.

I just thought I'd mention it because you were asking about any other antihistamines and this is the only one that worked for me. My GP had never heard of it so it may not be very well known.


Thanks for the replies.

I'm on the maximum dose of fexofenadine and the gp can't give me anything else. Think I'm now playing a dreaded waiting game! Am hoping it calms down soon.

Anyone got a spare NASA space suit?


TS it may be worth asking to see an allergy specialist plus an asthma specialist as they can prescribe off license doses of medication. My consultant normally gives me a medication request for my GP to prescribe (along with comments of what is off license and why being prescribed - be prepared though for the odd comments on prescription containers and pharmacists....)


I'm on cetirizine 10mg twice daily as prescribed by resp specialist - it's not touching my allergies so I know how you feel Tina.

I'm thinking of developing a bubble / forcefield type thing like Violet from the film The Incredibles can produce. Lol

Hope things are easing now.


Hi Rach,

Have you had a chat with your GP, he might be able to help. Am no expert but I think there maybe other options.

I've yet to find a nasa space suit on ebay, but the weather seems to have helped a touch. Here's hoping for a cool and damp summer! I was after a complete pollen free earth but have been told that we'd all die of starvation. Tonite I learnt that bees take pollen and stick it away in their hives (the One Show - font of all knowledge!). Am thinking that maybe I should support bees more!

Hi Malawi,

I'm getting referred to an allergy clinic. I've no idea about the wait time but the nurse here said not to assume it'll be a short one.

Breathe easy all


Pollen / Anithistamines

Hi Tina!

I too have had a miserable time with the pollen and very little sleep due to the coughing and sneezing. I have tried Ceterizine and Loratidine and neither have helped The locum at my GP's surgery suggested taking 2 Piriton at night and this does alleviate my symptoms.

I have also tried the vaseline in the nostrils (not a good look) but this does work.

Deep breaths ! ;-)


TS as far as I can remember the wait times I have had to see an allergy specialist was approx 3 months both times I was referred.


Thanks Tina

I'm off to GP tomorrow to hopefully get a medication overhaul. Think I'll be on smarties though...bouncing off the walls here I come.

Hope you get sorted soon.

Rach. x


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