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Salamol CFC free inhaler

I am taking salbutamol Sulphate. The doctors instructions were 2 puffs, four times a day.

I have been and seen a locum doctor this morning as my asthma has been worse due to the weather - I have already been taking the maximum of the salamol plus i have been doubling my Symbicort 200/6 for the last week to four puffs a day instead of two. However, in the evenings i get a terrible cough and tight chest still.

She said to carry on with the double dose of symicort but that i could use my salamol doing 6-8 puffs four times a day! She said be careful though as it may make me dizzy! I'm sure I have read that you are only meant to have 8 puffs of salamol in a 24hr period!

Can someone help me with this?

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Hi Julie,

not sure if you mean salmeterol (serevent) which is a max of 4 puffs a day, or salbutamol (ventolin), which there is in reality no maximum level, and is used as a reliever when you have symptoms, or prior to exposure to a known trigger (exercise).



Salamol is a generic version of Ventolin ( Salbutamol)

Julie, If the salamol is not lastin 4 hours you really need to see your doctor again as it means, despite taking preventers that your asthma is not under control.

If your peak flow drops a lot, you have problems speaking, you are really short of breath, breathless on excersion or your reliever doesn't work at all etc (see main web site for more guidance) you need to get yourself to A&E, call 999 if you need to and don't be worried about making a fuss especially in this weather .

In the patient leaflet it does say 8 puffs max to hopefully ensure that people get help if they still have symptoms after taking their inhalers. If you Dr has recomended a higher does, that is fine but take heed if it doesn't work! Do you have a spacer device to use with it?



Hi All

Thanks for the advice! it is salbutamol that i take.

My peak flow is normal for me at the moment (500) so the air is making it in even when my chest feels tight - which is why I think they generally ignore me when i go to the doctors as my PF is fine and my chest sounds clear - I dont think they understand that you can still have this and have a tight chest!

Thanks for the advice though about the inhaler I will use it as neccessary even if that means more than 8 times! Although i can use my Symbicort 200/6 as a reliver as well so i may try that first before the extra doses of salamol.

Thanks to you all!


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