sorry to have to ask some questions today. Hope nobody minds me asking more questions especially due to the current “air” of the board at present. I had a bronscoscopy last week and this is not my first by any means but this time it hurts like hell. My chest is really sore and my throat and neck really hurt I usually have the throat bad for a bit and a tight chest (nothing i cannot deal with) a lot, but this is different. I do not usually get the feeling something is inside my lungs and throat and a horrid sensation of “spiders” running all around my chest wall.. Has any one any idea how long this will last thanks


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  • I'm sure someone will be along shortly with an answer for your question - I've never had a bronch I'm afraid - but just wanted to say - you ask all you like, it's what we're here for.

  • hi spider,

    I have had 3 bronchoscopies recently, as part of a trial for a new treatment for asthma. I found I reacted differently to each of them. I felt really unwell after the second. I think it would depend what they are doing the 'bronc' for. I imagine that you would feel sore if they had done a 'lavage' and a biopsy. I think that if you do not feel great, ie temp. or just blah! you should call the hospital or go see your GP. It took me about 3 days to feel like myself after the bronc, and 10 days to get back to normal from a peak flow point of view. After the second bronc, I felt awful afterwards, and I think that I had infection in a tooth.. totally unrealated to the bronc, but enough to make it difficult to recover, I had some anti-biotics and felt better in 24 hours.

    You arnt by any chance on the same trial as me? its called Air2.

    If you want to compare notes more post back. I would be interested to know.

    Cheers RI

  • rihobbs i am not on this trial but my aunty is at glenfield hospital she has to travel there but its not to far its nearer than Birmingham where they were going to do the trial. i think 4 or 5 hospitials are involved in the uk where is yours at. i am not as you have to be 18.


  • hi spider,

    I am doing it at the Chelsea and Westminster hospital in London, but its an Imperial college study. There are lots of hospitals worldwide doing it. Infact apparently the results have been so good that they have stopped recruiting for it.

    At the moment I am pretty sure that I got the placebo treatment, but I wont know for nearly 12 months. What does your Aunty think about it?

    Cheers RI

  • rihobbs my aunty jaycie has told me to tell you ( as she is in hospital, but OK) if you look up her user name (jellybean) she said she will pm you or you her and you can both exchange notes!! if you want to.

    best of luck with the study spider

  • thanks spider,

    I will try and find her. I hope that you are feeling a bit better now.

    cheers RI

  • hi,

    I am probably being incredibly studpid, but I can't find jellybean.

    I just altered my profile so you can pm me.

  • dear rihobbs i have PM you info from aunty.


  • I had my first bronscospy yesterday, I was in the hospital all day. The doc says all looked normal,but; they had to wait for lab results, Next month I go for A complete x-ray of my lungs. the docs cant seem to find out what is wrong with me. First they said I had copd (KOL), then it was brittle asthma. I am real tired of this.

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