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Pleural rub

Hi. Has anyone got any advice as too how to cope with a really painful pleural rub?. I've got a chest infection, and am on 2 sorts of high dose anti-biotics, 25mg Pred, salbutamol nebs and have been give co-codamol to take. If I take 1 painkiller, it doesn't work, but 2 make me feel sick and spaced out. I'm sitting propped up with a pillow up against my right side of my chest, and It helps abit, but can anyone give advise as how to cope? Thanks.

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try olbas oil rubbed into the skin. it will also help unblock you and the menthol like smell willhelp your chest. can be a bit irritating though if you have eczema.


Olbus oil & smells!.

Thanks for the tip!. I've used Olbus oil before for my son, when he's all bunged up with a cold. If you just use a tiny bit , it's OK, but when it's strong it can make my chest tight. It's the same with perfumes & air-fresheners and any aerosols really. I'm a big fan of unperfumed roll-on deodorants! Does anyone else feel the same way about fragrances? Cheers, Sue x


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