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Cough cough cough

Sunday evening I coughed for England, I took Loratadine for the hay fever, Singular, and my symbicort and ventolin, It took a couple of hours but eventually quietened down and I was able to sleep. However woke the next morning coughing again, not so bad but it makes me so tired. Not had such a bad attack for a long time. Monday evening started again took loratadine earler this time and am now taking this at 5pm instead of my usual time. Cough prevented me from dancing last night. Back I go to the docs after telling him on Friday that I was ok.


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have you tried putting books under your bed to raise your head,will help the cough and

better than extra pillows dont get a stiff neck.

good luck at the docs.

love Glynis xxx


Thanks glynisI will give it a go



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