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Movelat Cream

I was wondering if any of you GPtypes could help me.

I have just been prescribed (last Friday) movelat cream as I have a sprained ligament in my knee (but have chronic knee condition anyway). BUT I was reading the info today and it says beware if you have asthma (or words to that effect) - do you know what the reaction could be from using it on my knees?

Thanks in advance


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If you are sensitive to Brufen or non-steroids be VERY careful with it !!

You may be fine as it acts directly on the joint and very little is absorbed into the bloodstream but there is a chance of a reaction so keep a close eye on it !!

I had similar warning with a ""Ketoprofen gel"" but despite being allergic to brufen it proved ok (in me at least) to use !!


Thanks for that. I am allergic to Penicillin and Codeine, and have to be careful with ibuprofen.

Been told that I will need my knee operating on by the time I'm 40.

night night xx


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