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cyclizine injections

I have cyclizine injections at home to enable me to tolerate the high levels of anti fungal medication I need to cope with the constant oral thrush I have. Normally I have it IM but as anyone who has had it knows it stings like hell and eventually you run out of places you can reach yourself. When I've been in hospital I've had one hospital let me have it iv (to give my poor legs a rest) and never mentioned any issues with it.

Just recently I've had 2 minor procedures at a different hospital and they were unhappy to let me have it iv despite having a cannula in. I explained that I had had it iv before with no issues and that it was to give my poor legs a break but they still wouldn't let me. I'm due to have an endoscopy on monday with sedation to try to get tot he bottom of the oral thrush and was hoping that they would let me have my cyclizine iv whilst I had the cannula in but am now scared to ask. The sedation and being laid flat tends to make me feel sick so I was trying to cross one of my worries off the list!. Does anyone know why you wouldn't be allowed cyclizine iv? is it only occassionally and I know it has to be diluted but it really does help to have a break from the im injections. If the thrush allowed me to swallow and keep my steroids down this wouldn't be an issue.

Many thanks


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Hi Rabbit

When I was pregnant with my son, I was hospitalised with Hyperemesis Gravidarum (severe, constant vomiting). They had to resort to giving me IV cyclizine as they had run out of options. Sometimes it was fine and I had no ill effect from it. Other times I would end up with a fever, crazy pulse and far too many times it caused the vein it was put in to collapse.

I was told that the more often it’s done, the greater damage it can do. By the time I had my last dose of it, it felt like my arm would burst into flames, I could feel it burning my vein. I was left with bruises following the veins from my wrists to my armpits!

From my own experience with it, I can understand their reluctance. I guess it’s something they have to weigh up the advantages against the possible damage. I was very glad when I was able to hold down the cyclizine tablets and give my veins a break.

I hope they manage to come up with a solution that works for you.




You can have it Sub Cut via a syringe driver run the days dose through that and you can dilute it it does mean carrying around a pump however, as well as the most common site for sub cut is the tummy it would give your poor legs a rest and maybe you could alternate.

Some people do have weird re-actions to IV cyclizine which is why some hospitals don't like giving it IV especially as a one off cos you happen to have a canula in. It might be worth you taking a copy of your rpt script as well because some hospitals think you are just after the ""hit"" or head rush that lasts all of about 5 seconds and if you use cyc long term does not register at all, but they may want proof you do normally have it IM and maybe your consultant who persribed it could be prevailed upon to do a letter saying he/she is happy for you to have it IV.


thank you

Thanks for everyone who replied. I didn't know you could have cyclizine any other way that im or iv. I'll talk to my pain consultant and my asthma specialist to see about the altrnatives mentioned. It was also a good idea to take my repeat script along, hadn't thought of that. Any way I'm going in tomorrow for a gastroscopy and will definately take my repeat slip, but will also take emla just in case. I didn't know cyclizine iv could be abused, could explain the reactions I've had in hospitals when I've been treated by staff who don't know me. I'll have to stick with it as some of the other alternatives don't work or interact with other medication.


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