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PH study- scared :S

So I'm having a ph study done tomorrow and I'm really not looking forward to it at all!

I'm kinda worried as I have such a sensitive gag reflex and can't tolerate NG tubes at all or anything that goes near my throat. Just wondering how I will survive 24 hours with the probe in place, anyone had it done and how did you cope?

I'm also not allowed to take my PPIs or any other tummy meds and I'm really suffering with reflux and burning acid in my tum which has started to affect the lungs. How much gaviscon is safe to take in 24hrs?? I think I may have overdosed already!

Thanks muchly


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Sorry Clare - showing my ignorance - what is a 'PH study'?? and 'NG tubes'?

Edit. Found out about it using Google. Could you ask for a mild sedative before hand? Good luck.


pH study

Coincidentally I am also having one of these done in a couple of weeks. I would be interested to know how you get on. My guess is that if you do some relaxation exercises beforehand and try to relax your throat it should help. Keep your shoulders down and tell yourself that if the worst comes to the worst you can just take it out for yourself!! The instructions with my letter tell you to take a deep breath and carefully pull the tube out of your nose. If you have this in mind you will know that you have an escape route if you really can't cope.

Best Wishes



Hi valarie

Thanks for that, my letter just says they will take it out the next day for me. I'm sure I will be fine, will let you know what your in for and report back friday!



Had it done at the RBH, yes it's not the most pleasant sensation having a tube passed via your nose down into your stomach, but they do spray the back of your throat with a Local Anaesthetic to make it easier. One of the Tech chappies did mine whilst I was sat on a chair and putting it in was over in no time, and bless them they were in the next morning early to take it out. Please don't worry too much, yes its a little uncomfortable initially, but I found keeping myself busy was a good distraction. If I had the choice of having a blood gas done or a tube passed via my nose into my stomach, I would go for the tube, not painful, just slightly irritating.

Cheers Katina


Thank you katina,

it wasn't that bad, the first test I had 'High resolution manometry' was the worst! Very uncomfortable the tube for that one was 3 times the size of the ph probe.

The only thing thats annoying is the pulling on my nose and I can also feel it in the back of my throat.

Didn't get asked if I would like any spray for throat though! oh well.



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