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Yucky subcut site

I have developed an ulcer type thing on my tummy, from a site that went a bit yucky.

I've had it around 3 weeks now and it dosnt seem to be getting any better. If anything its got bigger :S I showed it to the resp nurse at clinic last week, and she advised to dress it and keep it clean etc.

I have been cleaning it with saline then dressing it with mepitel, mepilex and then mefix. I thought the mepitel would help it not stick to the mepilex as its very weepy, but when I take the dressing of it just starts weeping again. It's impossible to keep dry too.

Is there anything I can put on it like creams? I've tried savalon and conotrane and I cant use cavilon as I'm allergic to it or opsite.


Clare :)

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Don't bother with savlon or any of the over the counter antiseptic creams - they won't kill anything plus they will seal the bugs in!

Try a dressing that will absorb the gunk like something used for ulcers..... can't remember what they are called these days.

Have you tried leaving it uncovered or even a light dry dressing on overnight to help it dry up - you may have to put up with the oozing gunk for the night but worth a try. and try during the day if you can and not going out anywhere!

Otherwise please see your District nurse ASAP for some good ulcer treatment.


Hi clare how are u in your self otherwise have u been having a temp ect// pain in the area ???

the reason i ask cus last year i had a similer experience started small then got nigger wouldnt stay dry ..i was already an inpatient and was flutuiating temps surgeons came and tooka look and ended up in theatre with an abcess in my tummu top it off was mrsa posative from the wsob taken from there to..

Hopefully its just a little scabby and cus of your pred its taken longer to heal ,but just keep an eye on it if no better in a few days then see your GP and ask about the possability of it being an abcess..

dressing wise try ALLEYNE ADHESIVE they use them for pressure sore or things that leak ...mepitel aint that great it will make it wheepy more thats better for burns ect!!! learn this from my tissue viability days lol take care let me know how u get on !! x


Hi Clare just read your message and the suggestions you've been offered so far, I agree with Roxy allevyn adhesive would be a good starting point but make sure you get a wound swab sent for C+S through your G.P. or resp clinic first. If youve got an infection simmering around the area then no amount of dressings will clear it up until you get on top of the infection. I had a nasty infection from a line last year which needed 4 trips to theatre for cleaning out and then some whizzy vaccum treatment (very space age and high tech) but difficult to coordinate with handbag and shoes!!! The other dressing that may be worth a try is a silver based dressing such as acti-coat as well as helping to remove some of the slough and any smelliness that goes with it, silver based dressings are partiqularly good for all staphylococcus (spelling ?) type infections and have really good results with MRSA they are really making a come back with good results in difficult to manage wounds (the old things are sometimes the best!) both these dressings are prescription only so go have a chat with your Dr. resp nurse or practice/district nurse,I'd also suggest that you ask for a refferal to your local tissue viability/wound care nurse, all hospitals and a lot of community teams have them and they are a fantastic source of info and support and are up to date with all the latest products and techniques.Whichever way you go go there soon as possible coz these things have a nasty habit of loitering aroud and if you're on steroids your skins healing powers are reduced! hope this is some help Its the first time I've posted in the forum but Ive got loads of help from reading other peoples posts in the past hope you get sorted soon and let me know how you get on luv nicky b


Nicky & Roxy,

good advice, as not up to speed as not had yucky sites for a long time.

Silver is very good and a natural antibacterial agent. It is used in active outdoor clothing too ( X-tatic) to keep down the sweat bugs etc.

Steroids are a real pain when it comes to healing!!



Thanks for the advice peeps!

Was only using the mepitel as I had it left over from a burn from hair straigtners lol!

I had it swabbed in clinic last week, not had results yet, need to ring resp nurse.

I'm going to make an appt at gps for nurse to have a look and dress it etc. Allevyn would deffo be a good choice I remember using it on my blisters when I worked in nursing home lol nice and cushiony!

I've no other symptoms so hopefully it will not turn into anything more nasty like you guys had sorry to hear that!

Thanks again



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