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Your Help Needed!


I posted on the forum about six months ago regarding the the re design of the asthmatic inhaler, i have got my product sorted and designed and had a colossal amount of feedback.

i took the design to new designers in London and i have been picked up to go to Germany to a massive design event, the biggest in Europe.

i would love whatever feedback anyone give, if you follow the link at the bottom you should be directed to my temporary portfolio and be able to view what it looks like. This can be done by posting in Google and clicking on the first link.

You may wonder how it works and unfortunately at this present moment in time i cant post the working drawings online, although i have worked with asthma nurses, doctors, physio therapists and university professionals who absolutely love the design.

i basically want to get the design out there for you guys to see and eventually carry because its about it was changed for the better, so asthmatics aren't putting up with bad, degrading design on constant daily basis.

any break through is worth it no matter how small it may be.

If anyone would like to contact me my name is David Turner and my email is <email addresses removed by moderator>

Thank you =)


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Erm, you've already posted this earlier under a different heading?


yer sorry, i didnt realize the first one posted, my net froze.

again sorry.


well I think it looks really good, slim & discreet, and I really like the leverage idea for dispensing the dose, especially for anyone who's feeling a bit weak, or has arthritis in their hands - and it might be easier for some people to co-ordinate their in-breath to get maximum benefit

high time the L-shape was redesigned - i wish you luck



ps I love your Rapt ambient lights too - can't believe you're only 21 & have come up with these marvellous designs

I really hope your inhaler design is a hit at the event in Germany


Thank you =)



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