Hi all. Hope everyone is well. Just looking for some advice. Had a home neb for 3 years now and found it a great help to manage asthma myself (especially in the winter). The thing is it is a bit of a pain as not bery portable. Have been contemplating buying one for a while and this year have a few weekends away and holidays planned (family weddings!) so now as good a time as any. I don't have a clue where to start, so any advice on a good neb would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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  • Hi there

    I've just bought an Omron Microair as my first portable neb - my home neb also was too bulky and only ran on mains. The Omron is fantastic so far, completely silent, small, and runs on normal AA batteries...I do think it's one of the most recommended portable nebs. They aren't particularly cheap, I managed to buy mine online in a sale for just under £80 with free p&p, but some retail at as much as £200!! Shop around a bit before you buy the first one you see. I got mine from lifepharmacy (just google it) and they currently have a sale on a small selection of nebs, with free p&p.

    Hope this helps!

  • I have 2 words of advice omron microair. I get mine (I have 2) from evergreens as the chap there is lovely and nothing is too much trouble they are usually in a round the cheapest too.


  • I will third that - go for the Omron MicroAir!

  • Definately go for omron micro air, it was the second portable neb i have bought and it is the best! It is really quiet, really light to carry and really small. Fits in to most handbags! The heavest part is carrying the spare batteries! I love it!!!

  • It's £76 or there abouts on life pharmacy. That's where mine's from.


  • Its £79 delivered with Evergreen, simply knowing the people and having had them help me out more than once including sending me a new one when mine had an intermitant fault before I sent mine back means I would use evergreen.


    Thanks everyone for all the advice!


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