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Hamster Injured :(

Hello, just wondered if anyone else knew that viscose bedding is dangerous to hamsters? I didn't know and bought the fluffy bedding for my hamster to snuggle in. There was no warning on the packet of bedding. The bedding became entwined around my hamsters back paw whilst I was at work and I think stopped the blood supply. I feel terrible, the vet has given antibiotics and anti inflammatories but if she is no better in 2 days then she will have to be put to sleep!

I rang the company that sells the bedding and they said that to their knowledge only 3 hamsters had died as a result of this happening and that I should just accept that it is a tragic accident and that they will send me something as a gesture of goodwill. I don't want that I just want a warning to be put on the packet to warn others so that it doesn't happen to someone else. They won't put a warning on the bedding and said that they sell thousands of packets and because hamsters like burrowing its just one of those things and can be expected to happen! I'm not happy I think they should put a warning on the bedding so that if you choose to use it you know that there is a risk. I would not have used it if there was a warning on the bag, its says on the bag that it is suitable for hamsters. Sorry for long post, a sad Lois x

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Oh sweetie I am so sorry, but dont blame yourself, you were trying to make it happy and have done the same myself, you should see what comforts are in my rabbit hutch...

its a hard one, and not easy when they have had reported issues before, but I have everything crossed that he will be ok, thinking of you

Snowy xx


Oh loud I'm sorry I hope the antibiotics ect work I always filled my hamsters plastic house inside her cage with it when I was a kid and we give it to little ones guinea pigs in the winter as they live ion the garden shed they love snuggling into it to keep warm when it's minus degrees in thick snow we didnt know this could happen so thankyou Ive now got to explain to her its not very safe :/ thanks and best wishes xx


Oh Lois, I'm so sorry. It dreadful when your pet has an accident and it always seems harder when it's one of the smaller ones - they look so helpless.

Don't blame yourself, you had no idea this could happen and it isn't your fault at all. I'm sure you're doing everything you can to make him more comfortable while the antibiotics do their thing and I'll keep my fingers crossed that your hamster makes a full recovery.


Oh no! Poor little hammy! Hopefully she recovers soon, its never nice when something happens to a treasured pet.


Hope Hammy gets better. Think it's very poor on the part of the company - 3 hamster deaths is 3 too many - it shouldnt happen at all.


Sorry to hear about your hamster's unfortunate accident and I truly hope he/she recovers! They are hardy little fellows and hopefully everything will be fine. I used to keep small rodents mainly rats but sometimes hamsters and I never used anything other than the soft shredded tissue you can buy. May I suggest you write Hamster Club UK and ask their view on this, and possible let an animal welfare charity like the RSPCA about this incident. There might be only 3 reported incidents with this product but who knows the problem may well be more widespread but never reported. I personally if I had experienced a problem with a product and got a poor response take it further, to do anything to improve animal welfare in the future. Caring dearly for little critters if it was me would fight all the way to make sure that other hamster owners are more aware!


Katina has made a very good point that there may well be other incidents which havent been reported. Also a good idea to contact Hampster Society to see what they think.


Hi, thanks for the replies, my lovely hamster is still here! The swelling has gone down and she doesn't appear to be in pain but she still can't use her paw to grip on the bars and she slips and slides about her hutch still. Oh man... I so want her to be okay, feel guilty still and mad with the company that is selling the bedding because they are still adamant that a warning does not need to be put on the bag and state that out of over 138,000 bags sold only 3 hamsters have died! To me that is 3 hamsters too many but to them it is ""just one of those things, and I should just accept it"" NO I will not, my hamster has suffered uneccesarily because of them not putting a warning on the bag. Am not going to let it drop until they put a warning on the bag! But think this may take some time, thanks again everyone, a bit more hopeful Lois x


Lois, it's good to know that your hamster is still going even though she's having a bit of trouble climbing about at present. Even if she doesn't regain full use of that one leg she'll adapt and be as active as ever.

Good luck with your campaign to get a warning onto the packaging. I hope you can get an animal charity to help you apply some pressure.


Am so sad think my lovely hamster has had a stroke side of her body doesn't work she can still move about but very slowly. Think I have to accept that it is her time, she does not appear to be in pain so that is a comfort but will have to take her back to the vets tommorow for the inevitable. A sad Lois x


Oh, Lois, I'm so sorry. I'm sending you logs of hugs and sympathy, and a scratch behind the ears for your hamster.



Lois, So sorry to hear about hampster, that's such a shame. Sending you a hug. xx


Hi Lois

Sorry to hear your hamster is injured.

Many people who have hamsters (myself inc) have been asking for this type of bedding to be banned.

Unfortunately, the suppliers continue to make it and many petshops continue to sell it.

This type of bedding kills far more than 3 hamsters a year. You will have been told it only kill 3 simply because some owners dont register their complaints. Also, some owners dont even realise their hamsters become ill and die due to eating small amounts of this bedding.

Hamsters simply cannot digest this bedding. It causes them to become ill as they cannot expel it, then they need to be put to sleep.

The best type of bedding material is the paper bedding.

The suppliers know they will not be able to sell the cotton wool type beding if they put a warning on it, so they wont.

Im so sorry youre hamster has injured her paw.

But you couldnt have known this could happen.

They package the bedding under various headings, basically saying its comfy and cosy or soft and warm etc.

I for one cannot understand why any petshops stock it.


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