Tee hee hee, Eeeeekkk, woo hoo, omg, aaaaahhhhh lol

So, having just got through my first ofsted in a junior school I love but unfortunately only have a temp contract at we (as in the head as well as all staff) discovered that the infant school had advertised a job they should have offered to me. Ended up going to governors and HR and is now mine but the head doesn't want me as I come fromt the 'dark side' even though ofsted watched four of my lesson and said they were good or very good.

You know those situations that should leave you ecstatic but also give you feeling of trepidation? I go from giggling to hyerventilating lol, aaahh, I hate politics but I have a permanent job at last!!!!!


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  • CONGRATULATIONS not only on your job but on surviving ofsted. x

  • Congratulations! Though post heading sounds slightly like you've been at the laughing gas lol - good luck with new job though.

    Slightly curious though - what exactly is the 'dark side'? Guessing it's what infant school calls junior school?

    (btw, on a totally unrelated note I've decided to give Criminal Minds a go, at least partly because you did a great job making it sound like something I might want to watch - perhaps they'd hire you to advertise the show if teaching doesn't work out? ;))

  • Thank you, the heading is purely because I just don't know how to feel. The infants definitely think we are the dark side but we just got a good ofsted and they got satisfactory!!! So governors have given me agenda to raise standards of teaching with leadership team, hence the heading, don't know whether to laugh, cry, scream with joy or in pain, whoop or run the other way!!

  • well done yipeee! Which year group will you be teaching? I have loved both year one and year 3 one in KS1 and one in KS2. Have taught reception, 1, 2 and 3 but 1 and 3 deffo faves.

  • Congratulations!!! (Both on the job and on managing to 'borrow' the laughing gas from coasta without anyone noticing!). Oh yeah, and congratulations on getting through Ofsted too. Hope you enjoy the little 'uns - which year group will you have? Watch out though, they'll seem tiny after the juniors, makes the class look smaller, but they're also very easy to trip over!!

  • Congratulations on getting perminant job.Bet you well chuffed. xxx

  • Nice one Nicky. Very pleased for you (still dont know what you mean by the 'dark side' though!). xx

  • The dark side is what we all think the infants call us in the juniors!

    I will be teaching year 1, well almost certainly, assuming no one gets pregnant or something! Being 6ft tall I have always said standing on the tiddlies is my biggest fear, coming from Year 3 from the last two years I don't think it will be too much of a shock to me. Especially as a lot of my year 3s are very special and needy this year.

    I know I am very fortunate as many experiences of Ofsted aren't what we just had but it was almost pleasurable! Apart from working 6am - 1am flat out and my lungs acting as the legs kicking frantically under the serene looking swan!

  • I went from year 3 to year 1. I loved it...they are so much fun.Great learning journeys too! They still love to play especially in the afternoons and you can fool them easily my class believed that trolls had been seen on the pier at Brighton because I photoshopped a picture! There were then sightings all round school. They really believed. They are not as needy as reception and they change so much in the year. I really miss teaching them, hopefully one day I will be able to go back.

  • Ha ha nice, I am very excited, but I think nicely anxious! I know they have 'over to you' tme in the afternoons set up for continuous provision like reception. They are also in an open unit so the two classes free flow togehter like foundation units. I am petrified and yet soooo excited!

  • NickyNoo, many congratulations on your permanent job. I hope you find it easy to overcome the stigma of the dark side - maybe turn up on the first day with your light sabre with R2D2 to carry your bags :)

    Good luck with it.

  • Congratulations on your job.

    I hope everything works out well for you

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