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I am sorry but you will never be allowed to forget you said/did that!

I have a book at school to record kids great typos and misconceptions but have had some great ones all round recently.

Boss ordered pizzas duing ofsted for late workers: 'This is reggae reggae veggie, this is normal vegetarian with chicken'

Adult: So what will you find in the pond?

Child: A squirrel.

Adult: A squirrel? In the pond?

Child: Well no, it will be in the tree holding it's nuts.

EDIT - typo

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In my (then) 8 yr old son's school project on Hadrian's Wall - 'Hadrians Wall was built to keep the troublesome scots out'. Apologies to our friends north of the Border but it still makes me smile.


We were writing reports at school (8yr old again) on how we made our buggies in DT and one little girl declared: After play we cumed and wizzed in the classroom. As this was writing assessment and by the time my colleague and I got to it we were braindead this caused absolute melt down.


My boyfriend once asked his work mate did they have any ""durex batteries."" I've never let him forget it...


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