I am sorry but you will never be allowed to forget you said/did that!

I have a book at school to record kids great typos and misconceptions but have had some great ones all round recently.

Boss ordered pizzas duing ofsted for late workers: 'This is reggae reggae veggie, this is normal vegetarian with chicken'

Adult: So what will you find in the pond?

Child: A squirrel.

Adult: A squirrel? In the pond?

Child: Well no, it will be in the tree holding it's nuts.

EDIT - typo

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  • In my (then) 8 yr old son's school project on Hadrian's Wall - 'Hadrians Wall was built to keep the troublesome scots out'. Apologies to our friends north of the Border but it still makes me smile.

  • We were writing reports at school (8yr old again) on how we made our buggies in DT and one little girl declared: After play we cumed and wizzed in the classroom. As this was writing assessment and by the time my colleague and I got to it we were braindead this caused absolute melt down.

  • My boyfriend once asked his work mate did they have any ""durex batteries."" I've never let him forget it...

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