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Ideas for birthday

I am 18 on the 26th June and would like to do somthing for my birthday, can't really do much as housebound, don't have much money and can't drink alcohol. I would like have friends at home but just need to work somthing out as house is shared and not that nice, was hoping to sort out garden so could do somthing outside. Was hoping to have family and friends round but don't speak to many friends and family and house is not that big as no living room or anything

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Are you any good at sewing?doesn't have to be fancy stitching, you could buy some clothes from charity shop, cut into triangles, buy some coloured ribbon and make some bunting to hang up in house or garden. might be fun to make whilst house bound. Ask everyone to bring a dish of food and a bottle instead of pressies, add music and enjoy.

Hope that helps, have fun

Kate x


What about a theme of some sort? How about a tea party like you would get in the ritz? You know... nice cakes, sandwiches pink lemonade (aldi has it) and bunting like another person suggested. It can be as calm and quiet as you like, outside in the sunshine and best of all no need to drink alcohol!

Enjoy your birthday :)


I can't sew and I would rather have pressies :)


I'd rather have pressies too! hope you have a good Birthday. I had a cheap 40th Party with my hubby, he lost his job last year and we had no spare cash.My Mum did the food and paid for hall which was cheap and there was a bar so people could buy there own drinks, a friend was the DJ, sorted.


hi Sinead1992.

make a fruit punch no alchohol.

put tv on music channel not to loud you carnt talk.

all make a plate of things to eat and share and one or two

friends having fun is just as good as a lot.

Im sure you can be a happy funny bunny and

have glynis xxxx


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