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Fennel recipes???

I've been given a fennel bulb thing and been told it's lovely to eat but the kids refused to eat a raw sliver in their lunchtime salad so does anyone have any recipes for wheat free nut free egg free dairy free ideas for what to do with it that can be cooked easily by dad????

Am feeling too ill to go off searching through internet!



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Have you gobbled it yet??

Braised fennel is quite nice - just quarter it and pop it in a nice veg stock & braise in oven til soft.

I love it in salads though.......



I like it braised in white wine with fish - sometimes I'll add a bit of juniper or some mustard seeds as well. Can't have it like that now though cos of my allergic reaction to wine :-(

If you're feeling really indulgent, you could then take the wine you braised it in, reduce it down by boiling it, and add some double cream. Then pour over the fennel.

I'd be impressed if your kids ate it - I know I wouldn't have eaten anything like that as a kid - too 'wierd'!

Take care



They ate it! I hid it in a veg crumble with soya cream and garlic and lots and lots of carrots and they thought it was onion unfortunately dh didn't he's worse than kids!


Well done Marmite!

My sister made her kids pancakes for breakfast - they weren't too impressed by the texture. There were bits all over the kitchen when I arived today.


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