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Flying nebulisers!!

I am flying down to london next month, I am assuming that there should be no problems to take my nebuliser and nebules on the flight, however, I have emailed British Airways three times and upto now had no reply.

I flew back in June with no problems however I am unsure whether there have been any changes since the security scares in the summer.

Can anyone help me in clarifying this issue

Ta muchy


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I flew with Ryanair last month (I know restrictions have been changed as of today though, so I'm a bit out of date!). I called them up to ask about flying with my Ventolin inhaler & they said I would definitely need a doctor's letter. Not one person in security wanted to look at it mind you, so seemed like a bit of a waste of £5 & a load of hassle. I was flying from Liverpool though & comparing with friends who flew from London the security there did seem to be a bit stricter.

Sorry, don't know that that was much help! I would ring them if you're getting no answer to emails.



I have just rung Ryan Air as im due to go to Dublin for the weekend at the end of the month(hopefully) and was advised to get a Drs letter covering all my medication including my neb and nebules, previously i have only needed a letter to cover my epipens but they are definately being more strict.

I would imagine BA would be much the same even though its another short hop flight. Hope this helps.


Hi Wanda,

I returned from Spain last night after flying BMI Baby both ways.

On the way out had all meds including omron microair plus nebules in see through plastic bag plus three page letter from chest con describing meds, lung probs etc, plus repeat prescription bits of paper as part of hand luggage.

Security totally ignored plastic bag etc but instead concentrated upon contents of handbag which included mascara, lip gloss and hand cream, all of which were confiscated cause they were ‘liquid’ based.(I had already stored other liquids such as hair conditioner contact lens cleaner etc in main suitcase which went in the hold.)

It seems as if our regional air ports are over zealous re the ‘liquid’ constituents of make-up, - although I understand that from today passengers will be allowed certain amounts of liquid, e.g. shampoo to be carried as part of hand luggage.

I suppose the message is that if in doubt store all liquids in main luggage, especially if travelling to the US where I understand they are still being exceptionally strict.

Worst of all I was frisked for the third consecutive time re overseas air travel this year! Don’t think they found anything except bony ribs!

Good luck.



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