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letting off steam

Inlaw asked me if we have been anywhere while off work on hols.

Told her we went Manchester shopping but was taken bad with a big asthma attack

needing oxygen and nebs,

She replied to her son pointless you having holiday as she ends up in hospital and then carried on to

say we all get stress and thats all it is.

so angry with her.

im under the severe asthma clinic at hospital and consultant and asthma nurse.

3 inhalers 3 lots of tabs and steroids as needed and not controlled.

and her sarcastic remark was said nasty .

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Hi Glynis.

Sounds like she needs educating and and as we say in London a ""dry slap"". Try not to let it get to you.

All the best.



Hi Glynis

I'm not surprised that you're outraged, it was a particularly brainless and self centred remark.

Havinh said that, try not to let it annoy you too much. She's not the first in-law to try to upset her son's wife and she probably won't be the last. I would put it down to rampant insecurity and a moderate amount of stupidity. Oooh, that was catty - could anybody pass me a saucer of milk?

Just remember, your husband loves and appreciates you even if his mother doesn't!


glynis - the world is full of ignorant people and i really dont think they will every understand or change their mind unless they have a similar experience and feel as bad as all of us on here do when we have attacks. its just a shame its family -grit your teeth, smile, tell her to politely mind her own business and dont let her get to you...chin up lass.... you know what i hate-i keep getting told that im stressed and thats why im having attacks- the truth is yes im stressed and tense all of the time but its environment etc that cause my attacks not stress and i know that when im actually having an attack, staying calm is essential as i need my energy to breath not panic- oh the joys of ignorant people xxx


Hi Glynis. Sorry you were upset by mother in law - she's usually ok isnt she??? Some of my family sometimes say thoughtless things about our asthma. 2 siblings are not sympathetic so I dont say much anymore. Only someone with asthma really understands. xx


Hope youre okay!

I dont blame you for being annoyed at that remark. However, it appears shes a bit unaware of how asthma impacts our lives no matter what the severity is. Noone really understands mine even though its mild and everyone knows what to do in the case of an attack. Only people that truely understand are the people who also live day in and day out with asthma like you guys and girls.

Dont let her comments get to you hun. x


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