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settling in!

we moved during the course of the summer holidays. and are now in a lovely place in south west wales near my family and no more than 20mins walk from anything LOL

the only not so good thing is that the nearest playground for the kids is up a steep hill, and as snowygirl was told yesterday, extra sally will be needed to get them up there!

hoping to meet up iwth her tomorow if she gets sprung for some retail therapy ala disney store

better go make sure school shoes are all ready wiht the uniforms so the girls can be smart their first day at least. after that they just look like ragamuffins and it's nothing to do with me!!

Geina x

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Good luck in your new home. I've always loved Wales and have spent many a happy holiday in places like New Quay, Aberystwth and Carmarthen.


Wales is a beautiful place. I am sure you will enjoy your home. The girls must look lovely. you and snowygirl should have fun try not to over do it...ha ha.



Good luck in your new home.

Say hi to Michelle for me xxxxx


dave, we're really close to carmarthen. love the scenery here :O)

michelle's stuck in costa still so our shopping trip has been postponed. i'm going up to see her thurs pm though and hubs is doing bath/bed.

Geina x