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Tonights Big Dilemma

Do I go out to crowded smoky,claustraphobic pubs where I could meet clever,gorgeous,kind women and fall in love, and spend the next 2 to 3 days being sick and coughing and wheezing ......orrrrr,do I spend 3 hours watching Channel 4s,admittedly fine ,comedy tonight ?????

-Unfortunately,I think I know the answer already-anyone care to help my dilemma?


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my oh my blue jam i thought my saturday nite dileama of come dancing, x factor and casualty was bad enough but your dialema sure out weighs that!!

happy making your mind up!!

have a good nit

love andrea xxx

ps let us know if you meet that woman!!!


Yeah go for it!

P.S. Why do clever, gorgeous, kind women make you sick??


Do they still allow smoking in pubs? I'd go out and meet one of those ladies.


Find one of those (rare but do now exist) non-smoking pubs and go for the ladies there? ;-)


If I entered a smoky environment I would not last five minute so if it was for the purpose of meeting people it would be a disaster they would not have long enough to say hello and the runny nose, weeping eyes and hacking cough they wouldn't want to anyway. As I am old enough now to settle for the telly but as for meeting people I suggest joining clubs where there is a no smoking ban. If you are up to it outdoor per suits would be good if the weather is suitable. I don't know your interests but look around and see what you can find I can't promise kind , gorgeous ladies but a change of scenery and new company can't be bad, and people meet one another in most unexpected places.if you really want to meet someone my tip is don't look let them find works. ( but you do have to go out to be seen).


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