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Permision to mooan nad sulkk

hi, sory haev to gte thsi off my chesst!

Since xmas I haev ben gradualy geting wores wiht my ashtma. It is suhc a grdual chaneg taht i haev nto noticced it on a daliy basiis. Aas mny of u haev probablly notieced my typign has ben vrey odd fro soem tiem now. I haev hda 5 infectoins and my gp hsa wantde to admti me a few tiems whihc i haev refusde.

Sinec my epiic sty last yr in my locla costa i haev losst faiith in thme and wuld rrathre nto haev to go in unles it is absolutly necesary. I knwo taht mny of u would sy i am plyaiign wiht my heallth and mybe i am btu i haev mnagde to contiue goign to wokr throgh tihs tiem albeti on shortre hours.

I haev an apt at rbh next wek adn am hopign taht thue wil be abel to hepl me gte soem controol ovre this darnde diseassse.

I am realy fed up wiht it al at teh mo. Gto sent hoem frrom wokr thsi aftrenoon as thye sid i waas tooo wheezy adn loked grey - i dontt tink i did at al - tink it wsa teh lightign. Ayway i haev nothre temp adn haev growwn moer pond lief - am bck on abs.

stil gto elliiies sitign on lugns. I am sooooooooooo hapy toniet.

sory bout the moning.


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Hey Rusty, of course you can have a moan. Y'know, I'd be worried if you actually wanted to go into hospital (isnt that another disease??). Do hope the RBH will be able to help tho', from what others say they sound really good.

do take care.




Rusty glad you are off to rbh too. They were very nice to me yesterday first doctor in a long while who looked at my list of meds and did not look too shocked!

Guess you will get what i got which is come in to see if anything else making lungs react or any other diseases etc and then make a plan as to how to go forward. Just got asked lots of quesztions, xray, bloods nothing unexpected as such.

My typing not grreat as can not see clearly still!

Take care I feel like at least there is someone who is offering some help.



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