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3rd visit to a&e in 3 months

My son is 3 yrs old and was in a&e on Monday with wheezyness and rapid breathing. He was admitted overnight 4 weeks ago. Doctors reluctant to diagnose asthma although asthma and allergies common in my family. Monday was scary as he fell asleep during nebuliser and was very tired after a sleepless night. He was rushed to resus as they said he was non responsive. But he was soon wide awake screaming as they put needle in vein. It was precautionary. He had no cold before attack. He has been discharged with salbutamol and a brown prevented. He will have a follow up in outpatients. Frustrating as they will not diagnose why this is happening. He complained of stomach ache just before he went to hospital, while he was there and when he got home. We got home yesterday evening and this morning he was up at 1.30am crying as his tummy hurt. I gave him calpol. Is this common after this sort of incident. Should I be worried. Is this a food allergy. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I do feel for you as have been through similar with my son (now 13). GPs reluctant to diagnose asthma (this seems common) although they knew I was severe asthmatic and asthma on husband's side too. The fact that your son is on inhalers and nebs indicates the medics think it is asthma, but just dont want to label him just yet.

My son had very bad tummy problems from birth - tummy ache, pain on swallowing and wind. Our then GP said it can be tied in with asthma - the tummy muscles dont work properly just as the lung muscles dont work properly - but tummy consultant never mentioned a link. He was under a consultant for tummy at about 5 months and had medication for a year, which helped.

Does your son eat alright? does he get a lot of wind? . I have to say my asthma seems to trigger pain in other parts - I too get tummy ache, headaches, backache and of course my chest hurts with all the coughing. Sometimes pain is transferrable (worst luck!). Anyway, I would definitely speak to the doctor about his tummy ache just to get it checked out. Good luck and I hope things improve. Feel free to send me a PM.


Not a huge amount of use maybe but I have been told that little ones often say their tummy hurts when they are a bit breathless as they don't have the language to express how they're feeling. Hope he gets better soon.


Sorry to read your post and that your son is struggling at the moment. It was very similar to what happened to our sons(see Oscar posts). All the advice I can give you is keep on top of the inhalers and don't forget to give the brown even when he is well and take him to GP if you think his breathing is getting noisy or fast and take him to hospital if the inhalers don't seem to be working (give them 10 minutes to work) or if your instinct is telling you something is very wrong.

Is it asthma? good question? My sons have been diagnosed with asthma even though they are 5 and 2 but my plan is to treat it as if it was asthma and hope they grow out of it.

Oscar has told me his tummy hurts sometimes, its the muscles working harder

Hope this helps



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