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had a scare, need advice

My daughter is just 3yrs and was diagnosed in June. She was given a blue inhaler and told to take 4 times a day. Last week the nurse put her on a brown inhaler. On Friday she had an attack and ended up being rushed to hospital. They say it was triggered by tonsillitus but I wasn't given any advice about how to stop it happening again. She just takes the brown inhaler twice a day unless she is bad and needs the blue inhaler. is this right or should I still be giving the blue 4 times a day as well? Also she gets very congested when she has any dairy products but I need to ensure she gets calcium cos she is still young! As you can see I am deperately in need of help!

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Hi Fi and welcome

Its not easy when our little ones are poorly so dont worry about feeling desperate there is bound to be people onher that can help.

My daughter only has her blue inhaler if she isnt well so wheezy or coughing alot, the blue inhaler is a reliever so doesnt have to be given daily if not needed unlike the brown one which is a preventer.

unfortunately infections often trigger astham and there isnt really that can be done except catch it as soon as possible easier said than done with kids.

With reference to dairy produce if you think they make her worse speak to your GP about and maybe ask to see a dietician, kids can safely have a dairy free diet if its needed and still get enough calcium, my son was dairy free for 5 years and has no problems with bones /teeth and is now a healthy 7 yr old.

Hope this helps a little . Good luck and keep us posted


It isnt necessary to have dairy for daily calcium requirements. For example you could try rice or soya milk insted of cow's milk as both are fortified with calcium. It may seem a bit daunting to cut out / cut down on dairy but there are many children brought up as vegans and they get all they need from fruit, veg, pulses etc


Both my children had low milk tolerance and have both grown up extrememly healthy and taller than me. I gave them quite a bit of white fish which is high in calcium and there are other foods that can substitute what they don't get from dairy. My health visitor reckoned it was ok for them to only have quarter pint milk a day and found they were both better on semi-skimmed rather than the full fat. My daughter in fact is better still now she only has skimmed milk and so am I.


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