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how is everyone and thier kiddies


Not been on in a while and wonder how you are all doing so far this winter.

My little lady has not had a good few weeks but not all to do with her asthma.

She had a throat infection and then i got a call at work last sat to say she was in a and e she had cut her finger open at home and she needed a small op under geanral to fix it on the sunday and she still had a mouth full off puss so it was not a great thing to put her under but they had to. and NOW she has an awful cough and it sounds nasty and shes sounding wheezy now. upped her salut etc... fingers crossed.... :(

Still not managed to talk to anyone about the flu vac as the stupid reg i seen in clinic was a waste off time.

Hope you are all well ? and kids are getting through the start off the winter.

natasha and martha

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Aww sounds like Martha has been through the wars. Big hugs to you both. Hope she starts picking up soon and she has good health v soon.

My eldest lottie, has had a few attacks recently but 'ok' at the min after saviour Pred!!

Maddie, is hanging in there too, touch wood. Wheezing on and off and short of breath but managing to play and join in more than a year ago, so that's good news as far as we're concerned! Her adrenal failure is causing probs with constant tummy ache and general weakness at the min, but overall doing ok.

Hope everyone else is coping with this damp autumn ok and things are going ok.

Lots of love,

Emily x



Poor Martha, I find with Tom if it is not one thing it is another!

Tom has had an ear infection and Tonsilitis just over a week ago and today he has an awful cough which sounds awful. He will either get croup tonight or it will affect his asthma. I have upped his meds also but i am on full alert as i have a sinking feeling we will end up in hospital.

Sorry you had a bad time with the reg at the asthma clinic, just what you didnt need!!

Take care of yourself



Doesn't it all seem endless some times, My little girl also has had a ruff time the last few weeks :( she was taken in hospital early hours sunday morning but thankfully is doing ok now and home again. I hope your child is doing better now :) take care lisa


Poor Martha & Tom, it's a bad time of year... My son (14) had a good few months and I thought if he managed the last week of this half term it would be a record! But last Sun he went down with a really bad cold and all the rest of it, and has been off school all week. The good news is it hasnt gone on his chest altho he's been coughing and wheezy. GP said he is 'fighting' it very well which is very pleasing.


Hi everyone,

Thanks everyone.

Martha is not great at the moment, But GP today was usless. Shes got a routine app tomorrow to discuss her flu jab, so will get her checked out again. he told me her cough was not asthma related and it was just because shes got a cold...(i am not convinced)

Gp shes seing tomorrow knows her well.


glad the girls are ok at the moment and i hope they both keep well as the can be. Must be so hard for Maddie, feeling so weak.


i hope tom has settled down and not ended up in hosp. yes one thing or another is a defo with Martha...

Lisa hope your little girl is ok. and feels better soon. xxx


glad your son seems to be fighting it well and is doing ok.


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