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hi all,

it's me asking for more advice! My 3 yr old has been doing great for the past two months since starting singulair. Despite ear infection and allergies to 2 anti-biotics he's been fine asthma-wise. NO COUGHING AT-ALL. Then Friday we headed to stay at my in-laws who have 2 dogs. The first night he sneezed all night and then next day the runny nose and coughing started. We stayed two nights. We came home today and I have just put him to bed but his nose is still runny and he's now in bed coughing. :( I am very discouraged as we have literally had NO coughing for 2 months. We usually stay with my parents when we visit our families and they have a cat. EVERY time (without fail) we have stayed with them my son has started with the runny nose and coughing on the very first night. So NOW we have put 2 and 2 together and now wonder if he's allergic to cats and dogs (altho his asthma is also triggered by viruses- we don't have pets ourselves).

My question is.. if he IS allergic to them would the reaction stop as soon as we leave the house? Each time we have left my parents his symptoms usually continue for a few days. Is that normal? OR maybe we are wrong on this and it's not the dogs & cats. It just seems too coincidental for it not to be that.

Would be interested in your thoughts and experiences. Thank you.

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Hi Landa

I've no idea of the answer to this but I'm very interested to hear what others have to say.

In the meantime it might be worth you asking someone on the helpline at Allergy UK (01322 619898). They tend to be very helpful with this sort of query.

Not a heap of help I'm afraid:~/



Hi Landa

Hope your little un is feeling better now. To me it seems quite likely that your son may be allergic to cats and dogs given what you have told us.

I find both with myself and my daughter that after exposure to cats/dogs in situations like that(my mum has cats) that we still suffer for a few days after for some reason not sure why though.

If you have to stay again it is worth speaking to your GP about giving him Piriton or such anithistamine for 2-3 days prior , during and after the stay as this will reduce or possibly eliminate symptoms.

Hope this helps and let us know how he gets on.


If I'm going somewhere with cats or rabbits then I take an antihistamine half an hour before arriving & have one when I go to bed & one when I get up all the time I'm there. This sorts it completely for me. Without them I'm suffering for about 5 days after.


Thank you so much. That is a real help. We are seeing the asthma nurse tomorrow anyway so I was going to ask her. My son is still tight chested and coughing but it's good to know that it's normal for it to last for a few days after we leave. Also thanks for the tips on taking the antihistamine before we go etc. I actually bought some with me but just didn't click that it was definitely the dogs until we left!

Really appreciate your advice.


dog and cat

its the siliver on the animals hair that sets it off if you have stayed there the hair gets transported around your house thats why symptoms are around for longer hopes this helps


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