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Hi there all.

I am a Mum of two boys aged 7 years and an 8 month old. My seven year old was diagnosed with Asthma at the age of 3 and thankfully seems to have outgrown the majority of it.

However, my youngest is 8 months old and is having great problems. He was born in September and caught his first cold in November. He hasn't been well since. He was prescribed Atrovent Inhaler via an AeroChamber in November which relieved for a while his symptoms of wheeziness, breathlessness and a 'rattly' chest.

After many trips to the GP he was finally referred to a Paediatric Consultand last month who diagnosed asthma. He also included Serevet Inhaler to his treatment.

Over the last few weeks he has picked up another cold and for the last three nights we have been in and out of hospital for nebulising.

We are now using Ventolin and Atrovent 4 times a day.

His cough is much worse and he has a tendancy to vomit as a result.

All of this description is rather involved and graphic I know, but I was just wondering if it struck a cord with any members who may be able to share their experiences or advice.

I look forward to reading your posts.

Many thanks.

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  • Yes, I know how you feel. I have a 5 year old whom luckly has never been admitted, but gets nebulised frequently. I have been asthmatic since I was 9 months and my GP is very supportive in treating my son. I also have a 2 year old who for about a good few months was just as you describe but not quite as bad.

    But I have to say the vomiting is a good thing. If your baby has quite a stuffed nose or has a lot of mucus there, they naturally sniff & swallow to clear things, it then lies in their tummy and can make them feel nauseus (excuse the spelling) and off thier food. It better out than in (lol). You should check the side effects of some of the medication, sometimes this can make you vomit. BUT DON'T STOP USING IT until you are told to by GP/Consultant.

    It's good you are being referred to a consultant.

    Let me know how you all get on, I hope things get sorted out a bit better for you and the wee man feels better soon too!

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