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seeking advice to ease hideous nighttime cough

Hi everyone. I have a nearly 3 yr old who has just been diagnosed with suspected mild asthma that only shows itsself in a persistent nighttime cough. She has a long term ENT history and has had grommets put in for persistent ear infections and also had her tonsils out. None of these things got rid of the cough. This most recent episode, triggered by a cold, has had her coughing constantly at night (the worst night she started coughing at 2 am and didn't stop until 10 am). She literally coughs non-stop, although she doesn't have difficulty catching her breath. its like her airways are just iritated and won''t let her stop coughing. Dr has put her on ventolin 4 times a day which has helped (hooray) to some degree, but has not got rid of the cough which wakes her up meaning that I have now had a sleep deprived toddler for nearly 2 weeks (she won't sleep in the day to catch up, apparently thats what babies do :-s) and am at my wits end. I know its small scale really and I am really grateful that she doesn't have any more serious problems - but then again it is driving us all crazy! Has anyone got any tips for how I can help her not get woken up? Dr says she doesn't need a preventer unless she has these episodes more frequently - at the mo they only occur when she is ill (although lets face it wit ha 3 yr old this can be pretty much all the time!).

Any advice greatly appreciated. Do humidifiers help at all?



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Hi K8 I sympathise with you with the all night coughing What a nightmare Scott my 7yr old has asthma triggered by colds ent infections etc and was put on inhaled steriods which has helped a lot The steroids dampen down any inflammation in the airways Hope you little girl feels better soon xx


sleep deprevived

hi k8,my little boy is 3 and his asthma symtems r almost always bought on by common coughs and colds.go back 2 ur gp and ask 2 b refered 2 an asthma nurse 2 get more advice .my own personal experience with my gp is that they dont like 2 label a child asthmatic until there much older. [if ever]although my son reguarly sees an asthma nurse and he has had antibiotics countless times and steroids wnen hes wheezy .countless admissions 2 hospital through chest infections etc.febrile convulsions due 2 high temp cuz cant give him anything other than calpol and much more as well as prescribed meds 4 asthma and they still dont like 2 label a child asthmatic.if theres any other mums out there theyl no exactly wot i advice 2 u is be on there backs and hassal them its the only way.sorry couldnt be of any real help.take care.lisax


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