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my brother

well, my little brother, who is 6 1/2, has just been diazgnosed with asthme. he takes 10mg of perd a doy, and three puffs of fluxotide and ventolin evhalers. he can't seem to get a good technique for taking his inhalers, because i can see the mist coming out of his mouth instead of going into his lungs where it should be. he won't let me teach him a better way, because he wants to do it on his own like a big boy. what can i do to help him?

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doesn't he have a spacer. most of us use a spacer therefore get a better tecq for using inhalers then at least he can do it himself.


deff try and get a volumatic for him. Its diffiult to learn straight from puffer, scarey too, with this big gust if sojmthing in your mouth.

Volumatic is even better because you can hear the click of the valve open and shut, would allow him to do it himself and you can hear that he is doing it properly also.


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