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hi guys - sorry for not posting for ages, its been really mad here - michael isnt great but he isnt bad enough to be in hospital (although 6 months ago this would have been bad!! funny how much the docs trust me!!) so he isnt at nursery which is making everything difficult!

his hayfever has kicked in really bad the last couple of days - his eyes are really weepy, im having to wash them on a morning so he can actually open them, and his nose is really bunged up. i have a feeing he wont do much longer at home cos hes been in limbo for a while now with not much improvement. hes cheerful enough but then again that isnt realyy much of a sign with micael - hes so used to being wheezy that he doesnt realise when hes bad!

hes only had one other fainting thing since last time but its one more than i wanted. he hasnt had his eeg yet but it should be soon, so we can get to the bottom of it!

ill try to keep posting and i hope the kids are doing better, especially those whohave just started new meds - hope theyre working!

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Hi Kirsten

Good to hear form you. Sorry things are rough for you both. I know that inbetween stage myself. I hope you are able to get some rest an hour out or just someone to sit with him while you have a soak in the bath. I know it can be really hard.

Hope he picks up a little soon, if not make sure his team know how things are for you as well as Micheal as they tend to forget about Mum.

take care



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