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Hi - i'm a mum of 2 boys, youngest who's 6yrs old has just been diagnosed with asthma on Tue(13.3.12

Just wanted to pop in to say hi, and share with you all...

My youngest, Riley, who's 6 has been diagnosed with asthma and a ""wheeze"" and has at the moment a slight chest infection, but is very well in himself!..Think me and my hubby are in a bit of shock, as for a long time Riley's had an annoying cough, through day and night - but only lasting for about a week at a time, every couple of months or so (this has prob gone on for at least a year :O( we feel bad we've missed it). Seriouosly it did not cross our minds that it could be asthma!!My experience of asthma is full on attacks with hospitalisation,my nephew had it badly as a baby - grew out of it by the age of 7ys. So i guess i just didn't know that it starts with a cough!(i do now!)He also has a kidney issues (mega-ureter),has glue ear(had grommets at 2yr's old removed 3yrs later,is now waiting for hearing aids to wear at school) and slight eczma..Yep it all makes sense now!) Our eldest has only been to the doctors once and he's 9!!!

Fortunatley, i've not long started a job in a GP's surgery taking blood and sending letters, some of which are for Asthma Annual Reviews!! and i casually mentioned it to the asthma nurse - from what i told her about Riley's symptoms, she said sounds just like asthma - so i took him the next day to the GP and sure enough he said he has a wheeze and a slight chest infection, it's odd because he seems so well - no temp or anything, really well in himself. I honestly don't think this would have been picked up if it wasn't for the asthma nurse saying what she said, i'm so glad i took him!..And the GP was great sorted things out straight away!Really can't thank them enough for their knowledge and care given to our son!GP said he may have to have a blue and a brown inhaler, we have to go back in 2 wks for a check up!

Well thanks for listening, any advice greatfully received as obviously VERY new to this!

Kind regards

from a slightly sad mummy


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Hi kayla,

First if all don't feel bad that you missed it, the more subtle asthma symptoms are evrn missed by lots of medical professionals as you will see from reading posts on this forum.

My little boy who is 5 has asthma (as do i), and I'm glad to say that unless he's got a cough or cold etc it doesn't bother him, he plays footbal, does 2 hrs of rugby on a sunday and generally is a typical menace!!

He's also got other health issues so I know how worrying it is when you add another one to the list but it sounds like you've got.great support at the gp surgery and that really is the key to managing your sons asthma sucessfully.

Take care and feel free to pm me.

Angie x


Hi Kayla, welcome to the forum, hope you find it useful. I am a lifelong asthmatic and my teenage son had it from very young on. He has been really ill but has gradually improved over the last 2 yrs or so. I have to say the medication now is so good compared to when I was a child (1960s) so hopefully your son's asthma will be well controlled.

Colds are our main trigger, so we take extra vits and I think they have helped. The other thing is keep taking him back to GP/asthma nurse if you are worried - mum's instinct is always right!

Good luck and I hope things improve. Feel free to PM me - happy to help in any way I can.


Thanks so much ladies for your reply's and warm welcome,

It's all so much to take in but i'm determined to keep Riley's health under control, and to get the best possible care for him - i'm very keen to get to the GP/Asthma nurse in a couple of weeks to go through an asthm care plan for him - and ask lots of questions (am going to make a little list!) and go from there.

Like you say Angie, the meds they provide today are very good and as long as we make sure he gets his treatment then he'll be just fine.

In my job(only been there 6 months), i've recently looked into COPD (as i send appt's for annual reviews for these too) - there's nothing like getting all the info you can so long as we know what we should do with it - not freak out too much but to be aware of how important/serious asthma actually is and how treatments must be used to prevent permanent damage!

It's shocking the amount of Asthma patients (at the surgery i work at) who do not respond to their annual review invites(i have to send 3 invites per patient a year) if they don't respond then they don't get seen.. very sad when you think going to the dentist/opticians every 6mths/1 year is surely just as important if not more important to get to the asthma nurse! I guess i had the understanding that asthma wasn't all that serious - goodness how wrong i was!!

I really want to get more eduacated in asthma now that's for sure - but i unless it affects you/your family i guess we just don't worry about it!

Thanks again

Take care

speak soon




Hi Kayla

I just wanted to say hello and welcome, my youngest who is seven also has asthma and I have found this site very informative and friendly.

I hope things settle down with Riley''s asthma.




I read somewhere about a resource abou asthma for young people (6-12yrs)

hope things improve for you and Riley.

I have also had a hearing aids since 6yrs old

The forum has been very helpful with symptoms (coughing ) and information


Thanks again - this site is great,the resourse for (6-12 yrs) is great too - (still finding it difficult to convince the hubby that Riley does actually have asthma!) Today we're waiting on a phone call from GP as Riley has finished his initial 1 week of 4hrly 2 puffs of blue - now we're kind of in limbo as we don't see GP for another 11 days!:o/ as that's what GP told me to do - but school want an inhaler there incase - but i don't know our asthma care plan yet!!!! i'm sure everything will be fine I just want everything in place...hope everyone's ok on here today?

Lots of love




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